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Brighton Line 2005

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I took these during the summer of 2005. Location: Brigthon 3rd Street and Brighton Beach Avenue (B)(Q) lines.









I may have posted this before, some photos but were erased so I'll put them again, just in case.

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Great shots! I like the first one the most.


The first photo that I put up there, I changed the color a bit with a photo finisher.

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Nice!!! Back when the slants were plentiful!


- Andy


The R40 Slant cars were just sitting at the relay tracks, not much activity so I just took them. They're going to be retired by the end of the year, but still running on the (:P, today.

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Great pics!


Thank you very much, buddy!


Cool SHots. Photos 1,2.3,4 & 6 were taken at the corner of Brighton 2nd St and & Brighton Beach Av


Thank you for the correction, I forgot to look at the street sign that day.


Nice pics!!


Thanks a lot, glad you like them.


Nice photos! I see the useless NYC 2012 sticker....


The biggest disappointment of 2005, the Olympic games aren't coming to New York City! :P If only the West Side Project in Manhattan only went through, or Citi Field becoming a big Olympic stadium. It was worthwhile for subway cars to help campaign for the Olympics but in the end it didn't work out.

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