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Man destroys T-Mobile store in a fit of anger

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Cell phone providers can be annoying. They do all sorts of unspeakable things like charge us for texts that cost them very little to send.


However, one gentleman seems to have enjoyed an extra level of irritation at the services provided by T-Mobile in the U.K.


I am grateful to TechCrunch for directing me to footage posted on YouTube that shows a gentleman in a T-Mobile store in Manchester, England, who expressed his displeasure a little too aggressively.


It all starts with him dismantling the displays.


The excitement of this frippery is swiftly extinguished when he activates a fire extinguisher and begins to spray his displeasure about the store.


It seems to take awhile for anyone to intervene. Indeed, he seems to have provided enormous entertainment for many fellow shoppers.


Read the rest: http://news.cnet.com/8301-17852_3-57465015-71/man-destroys-t-mobile-store-in-a-fit-of-anger/





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I wonder if the person that took the vid was using an iphone? ;)


In England, everyone seems to have either a Blackberry or iphone.


He probably got tired of their bs. Their data allowances are like 500and whatever "bonuses" you sign up for or accumulate apply to the NEXT calendar month.

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After what happened with the riots in the UK, he's going away for quite a long time.

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