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Pics from 125th Street and Lenox Avenue!

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Nice pics!!


Btw where did you take these pics?


EDIT never mind i read where you took the pics lol.

Thank you


yo rarecatch of NovaBus LFS.

Thanks, but that bus always roll through 125th Street around 4pm


Nice ones from in the building

Thank you


Hello. Very good aerial shots. Good job catching 472, one of my favorite buses. 5255 must have been on the M100 with the rear sign stuck on Bx1.

Thank you, but that is really a Bx1. I took that pic before I got 125th Street


Something tells me you were in the State Office building to get those shots. Also like the insertion of the Bx1 on the Concourse. ;)

Thank you....but the State Office Building is on the next block 125th Street and Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Blvd I was on Lenox Avenue


Great shots, My favorite is the one of the Nova LFS.

Thank you...glad you like that one


Got some great overview shots. Very nice!

Thank you very much


Hot shots man! I love that third one!


Thank you

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