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Lookie what I found.....

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The last two pictures speak for themselves....






Funny story behind this. While I was at the supermarket yesterday, I looked outside and saw 529 just roll up in the parking lot, and just didn't bother until I saw the new back on it. I dropped everything, went to the bus stop, waited 20 minutes for R&T bus 4 or 16 when headways are every 10 minutes. Then while waiting, saw the driver go back in and start the bus up. So the 4 came after that, I went inside my house, grabbed my bag, my camera, and my bike and was gone. Made it quick enough to take a few quick pics. the went back into the supermarket and got what I needed.


The End! B)

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Shit man that's that new MCI model. Nice catch. I could picture you hustling to get pictures of it. Good job!

LOL! Thanks!


I was just going fast on my bike man. After I got one this one street, it was just going down a good 15 to 20 blocks at a fast pace with the bike.

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