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My Drawing vs. A 1852 Painting


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I present one of my biggest non-transit works of all time. It all started with a Gustave Courbet painting called "Portrait of Jo (La belle Irlandaise)" a.k.a. "Jo The Beautiful Irish Woman" that made me wonder. "Wow! She looks a lot like Erin Kelley. A Cartoon character of mind."




And I made a drawing that shows Joanna in the future. Her great great great granddaughter, Erin Kelley in this drawing.




Tell me what you think? Cool interp.

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Absolutely fantastic work. It works for me. You're a man of many talents Nick. Very cool! :cool:icon14.gif


Thanks a lot Harry. I mean a lot coming from you.


That is so funny, Nick. I'd have to say, you're quite the artist. Great job.


very good. and the color texture nice.


Thanks, I took a good six hours to come up with texture like that.


Very :cool:! That is a really nice drawing. Love the Cover Girl compact and French manicure :(:)


Well, Cover Girl is like the main make-up company in my story. As for the French, it's a accident but a good one! :D Thanks a lot.





- Andy




Whoo, really good man.


Thanks alot. I shall continue working on more.

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