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Quill Depot

Home Again

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Two B&W shots:



Cracks by Quill Depot, on Flickr





DSC_0100 by Quill Depot, on Flickr









All Blue by Quill Depot, on Flickr



Unleashed by Quill Depot, on Flickr





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Man Quill, you got talent with the camera. Did you ever consider getting into the multimedia arts as a career as you eventually get into college? Multimedia artists, they shoot video footage for news reports, sports events, movies and all of that. Contract work and serious money in that. 


If you got such serious skills with the camera and it shows you have a passion for it, dude, you need to consider making this a career. Many CUNY colleges offer such bachelor degree programs. Not sure but I think even some of the NYDOE high schools might have regents track multimedia arts programs too. I'm assuming so because some have special programs preparing the high school student to prepare for major fields as they venture out into college life then into the field making money. It will cut the time that you spend in college as some of the classes in the DOE high schools can count as college credits I believe.

You need to consider this for the long term. If you stick with it, your financial future is set for life.

In fact many of you younger photographers need to hear me out on what I am trying to say.

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