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09-04-08 Before I Met U I Was Taking Pics

Fred G

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Some stuff before I met up with teh fellas up at Shea.



HP echo



Hunters Point



That Amex promo train at 45th/Court House Sq.





error's favorite shot:p



View from Lowery...






...and Bliss Street


then I rode to Woodside and caught the LIRR; thanks for looking!

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Great shots, I really like that second to last one.


Thanks, nycbusfan, I like those street shots too. I'm trying to make magic with that kind of shot there and I don't feel like I got it yet. Oh well, gotta go back and try again lol.

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Great photos man! Its been a while since I've done some good photo shooting on the (7).


Thanks, I never get tired of that line.


Nice pics!!




Love em !!


I'm glad and thank you!


Great shots!




Beautiful pics:D



Beautiful pics, i love the 2nd one of the 7 coming into queensboro !

how do you make it have such great contrast and the colors stand out so much ?


Thanks, I know you like taking that shot yourself.

I shoot underexposed just a hair and bump the contrast a little on the PC. I used to bump the contrast in the camera but I didn't like it as much as the way I do it now. The color I don't do anything with; it is what it is.

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