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NYPD will no longer arrest you for asking for a subway swipe.


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Of this service proposal, I think this is somewhat unfair of "selling" your swipe. That means after a feeble customer being helped, entered into the subway station, he don't have a transfer to any buses.

Nevertheless, only for a bus ride, heading for the subway station, where customers can access MVM or Metrocard booth, it is fair to help someone with your swipe. Not on the subway. Try not to let a commuter even think of paying you.

If it is done so, no offense, but he should remember to fill his metrocard after he had reached his destination in SUBWAY STATION ONLY.

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Read all about it! What do you think?

If it costs taxpayers $500 a day to detain them for what amounts to a loss of $2.75 for the MTA, then it’s a no-brainer to reduce the focus on this category of offense. I’ve seen plenty of people ask for swipes, and in all my years, only one of them was rude: this black youth calling me a liar. Yeah. I was lying, but I did’t owe him anything. I have no doubt in my mind that he’s pretty low on the totem pole if not in jail for some petty crime by now. But the vast majority seem to be as the article describes it—just poor and unable to afford a ride.



"The painful irony of fining someone who can't pay $2.75 for the subway, is that you're putting an additional hardship on people who are already poor"


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