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Arthur Kill station on the SIR's Opening Pushed Back

Union Tpke

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 The station's opening will be pushed back once again to November 2016 due to changes in the Electric Distribution Room.




Schedule: During the First Quarter 2016, the forecast Substantial Completion date slipped three months from August 2016 to November 2016 due to changes to the Electrical Distribution Room and the following related work:

  •   Installation of Department of Transportation (DOT) pole, that interferes with Con Edison high-tension cables.

  •   Obtaining approval for procurement of communications equipment.

  •   Obtaining approval to change the quantities and redesign the Station and DOT signs.

  •   A Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Sewer Connection issue.

What is Being Done:


  •   Con Edison has addressed the issue by raising their cables.

  •   A Request for Proposal (RFP) has been issued for additional Station signs.

  •   DOT is working on the shop drawings for DOT signs.

  •   All communication equipment has been approved and an RFP for miscellaneous communications work has

    been issued.
    Additionally, an impact to the project cost is expected and will be addressed by a budget modification.



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