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  1. Because the SIM2 kept the same pattern 24/7 (save late nights)
  2. I think it's been there for months cause I had it registered as WF for a while.
  3. @Via Garibaldi 8 it looks like they are discontinuing QM17 overnight service. Meanwhile the inbound trips to Manhattan are crush loaded to the point where there's standing room only. It's ridiculous how they are cutting such a service with almost no alternative. (Nobody wants to take the Q22->Q53->Q60->Bx99/M15-> another crosstown
  4. Not so fast. I'm now hearing rumors that that guy wasn't even a T/O and (possibly) could be making it up.
  5. Hold on. So a whole train gets ripped apart from someone f**king around and you don't expect whoever did this to get (the maximum) sentence possible. And how come it has to be political?
  6. I follow the bus moves and even I feel this ain't really anything special.
  7. As a business/operational pov it should not matter on what stance the person stands at in politics. I feel whether republican or democratic the still needs a major reform. Imo the agency was bound to be in this situation sooner or later. Covid-19 basically sped it up. No matter what stance anyone takes there's always gonna be that one crowd that's not gonna agree on how the country and this agency is run plus there's always bts action regarding how to invest the budget correctly. It's a matter of not picking the deadliest poison and providing the best confrontation on this crisis. (By the way if anything Trump is the one republican I know of that's actually pushing for the stimulus but I don't like posting on any type of platform about politics and I'd like to keep it like that)
  8. Random thought for an extension of the BxM6 from Parkchester to Eastchester in the peak direction. New stops would be the following: Metropolitan Ave/Castle Hill Av E Tremont Av/Silver St Eastchester Rd/Williamsbridge Rd Eastchester Rd/Waters Pl Eastchester Rd/Sackett Av Eastchester Rd/Pelham Pkwy Eastchester Rd/Mace Av Eastchester Rd/Gun Hill Rd Eastchester Rd/Burke Av Eastchester Rd/Boston Rd Boston Rd/Tiemann Av Boston Rd/Ely Av Boston Rd/BayChester Av Boston Rd/Bivonia St Boston Rd/Dyre Av Boston Rd/Provost Av
  9. Speaking of the 99s had the time to do all 3 routes this morning. Was actually pretty nice to ride them as I caught mostly empty buses. Funny thing about the Bx99. IDK if WF was really terrible with bunching on the Bx99 but I was able to catch the last two Bx99s of the day after 6AM. Matter fact, the buses were so late the last Bx99 to West village got to it's last stop just before 7AM this morning.
  10. I noticed you like to start flame wars. Can you cut this sh!t out and get back on topic please?
  11. Cam you guys not worry about how depots take care of their buses? All buses can break down, get into an accident, catch on fire, etc. Always has to be the "newer members" that bring up how certain buses or depots are better than others and it's really annoying. Yes 808 got into an accident a month ago and if you bothered to look around the thread you would see the proof you need.
  12. From what I can tell the crew switches on the Manhattan bound platform at Parkchester.
  13. Funny thing is the fact it went from artics to standards back to artics within a month. "RANDOM THOUGHT"
  14. Speaking of numbers again, current order numbers and the option diesel order is looking like this: *9510-9619 *9620-9784 *7851-7989 *8755-8963 The 210 option order of hybrids have 9785-9994 available. Most likely the options will be 9785-9910 (LFS HEV) and 9911-9994 (XDE40) but this part is unconfirmed.
  15. I already made something that could resemble an OWL and shared it but I'll post it again since I made some updates: https://www.google.com/maps/d/edit?mid=1Ack68Fhk0kuq5Tg_wJ_tnDuMQmWO4O94&usp=sharing
  16. Funny thing is on a draft I made on a possible Brooklyn bus redesign is I have the B49 absorbing the B44 lcl north of Flatbush (no service on Bedford and NY avs). I also have a proposal for the B36 absorbing the B44 lcl south of Flatbush but that's a different discussion for the proposal thread. To stay on topic with the thread, what ever happened to the B1 "via 86 St" signage?
  17. Pretty sure that in itself is something the MTA will not do if it means more money saved.
  18. Thing is even when the fare was free on the SIM1C most people still payed the $6.75 fare. So it doesn't really matter to them.
  19. If anyone is curious, proposed numbers for the LFS-HEV is 9620-9784.
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