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  1. Hopefully after that we could get the SBS artics sent to TU and KB next
  2. With the way you think idk if YOU was doing sarcasm but hey if saying that saves you from being embarrassed here I'll play along °_° very shocked I thought you was actually serious thanks for telling me
  3. I get why the new guy might be confused. Everyone else should of already known we DO NOT have any 7000 Coach units especially when all the 7000's are post-2010 units serving LOCAL routes. If you are a regular and you didn't get @SevenEleven's sarcasm then idk what to tell you.....
  4. My main goal was simply non-crosstown routes into a new numbering schedule and try to organize those bus routes in 4 categories, Washington Hts-East side connectors, East Side-downtown routes, south of Midtown and north of Midtown. If I could end certain routes at business districts I was thinking it might improve reliability. For example, M5 does not operate south of 57 St and the M7 south of 34 St, with the southern segments being replaced by new downtown routes (M25 (replacing M55) and M27). A lot of ideas were thrown around similar to how a redesign would work which is why my points aren't 100% clear.
  5. Gonna bump this bc I was playing around with Bus redesigns and I thought of a redesign scenario that could be possible. This is not at all intended to be serious and more like toying with ideas. Proposal: revamp the system to allow lower number routes to represent North-South routes with higher number routes representing crosstown routes. For example, M1-19 represent North-South routes serving areas north of Midtown, M20-29 represent routes serving areas south of and including midtown, M30-39 represent misc. crosstown routes. Any other (crosstown) routes reserve their names for the street they operate on (M14/23 remain unchanged and grouped in this category due to being high corridor crosstown routes) Changes and new routes include: M1: no service south of 8 St, service between 8 St and Grand St replaced by M25. M2: unchanged M3: cut south of 96 St, allows riders north of 96 St to retain access to Mt. Sinai Hospital. M4: cut south of 106 St. After 106 St, route operates along the M106 to East Harlem, sharing the terminal with the M106. M5: cut south of 57 St. After 59 St, route operates eastward along the M57 to the terminus at 1 Av-57 St. M7: Majority of route unchanged; rerouted between 116 St and 106 St to provide coverage along Lenox Ave and Cathedral Pkwy. Cut south of 32 St. M8: original route renamed, new M8 replaces the M102 and retains the same identical route. M9: original route renamed, new M9 is a new route replacing the M101 and M98. Operates on the M101 from 34 St to 116 St, then operates along the M98 from 116 St to GWB M10: unchanged M11: unchanged M12: original route renamed, see M22 M13: rename of the M103, retains the same route M14: unchanged due to being a major crosstown corridor M15: unchanged M16: rename of the M104, retains the same route M18: rename of the M100, reflected to show route after the Bronx redesign M19: rename of the M101, retains the original M101 route north of 96 St. M20: Majority of route unchanged, but southbound service operates on 9 Av from 66 St to 14 St, with southbound service on 7 Av replaced by M27. M21: renamed M32, see below M22: original route revamped, new M22 is the M12 with an identical routing M23: unchanged due to being a major crosstown corridor M25: new route replacing the M55 and portion of M1 south of 8 St. Original M55 south of 8 St replaced by M25 downtown and M27 uptown. Operates between Columbus Circle and South Ferry. M27: new route operating between Central Park South and Park Row at City Hall via 6/7 Av. Replaces portions of the M7, M20 and M55. M29: new route replacing the M9. Majority of M9 route is retained with service between Battery Pk and Chatham Sq replicating the M22, operating on Chambers St and Worth St. Retains M9 Battery Pk terminal. M30: Lower East Side circular replacing the M22. From Park Row at City Hall, service heads east via the M22 route to Grand St, then turns left and continues to Pitt St, where it will make another left on Pitt St and turns right on East Broadway. After east Broadway, route continues to Chatham Sq before running on the original M9 back to the terminal at City Hall. M31: Route retained but with an extension to 2 Av-96 St. In order to provide convenient and reliable service on 57 St, the M57 would merge with the M31 and short turn trips would operates between 10 Av and 1 Av. M32: Renamed M21. Retains identical route M33: renaming of the M8. This is due to the fact that M1-19 are used for North-South routes north of Midtown and the M8 not really identifying with 8 St as the street name only "exists" on the eastbound route for about 4-5 blocks (6 Av-Lafayette St) route unchanged M34/34A: unchanged, high corridor crosstown route M35: unchanged M36: this new route is a combination of the M66 and western portion of the M57. The M36 would begin service at Columbus Circle, then operate westward along the M57 route to 72 St. After 72 St, the M36 would take the M72 route from Broadway to 5 Av. After 5 Av, the M36 takes the M66 route to York Av. M42: unchanged, high corridor crosstown route M50: unchanged, high corridor crosstown route M60: unchanged, high corridor crosstown route M66: merged with new M36 and rerouted M72 M72: Largely unchanged, except it operates on 65/66 St from Central Park West to West End Av, where it continues to it's terminal at Freedom Pl M79: unchanged, high corridor crosstown route M86: unchanged, high corridor crosstown route M96: unchanged, high corridor crosstown route M98: merged into new M9 M100: merged into new M18 M101: merged into new M19 as well as new M8/13 M102: renumbered to M8 M103: renumbered to M13 M104: renumbered to M16 M106: originally I was gonna opt to merge this route into the M96 and rerouted M4 but I decided to keep it around for East Side riders to have direct access to Mt. Sinai. Due to duplication of other routes, the route would operate with 20-30 min headways compared to 15-30 min. M116: unchanged, high corridor crosstown route M125: unchanged from proposal under the Bronx redesign. Map link: https://www.google.com/maps/d/u/0/embed?mid=1-jdX8uqXppWiyZZt238SlaYhcYu8WwfS
  6. A lot of you need to remember that the MTA has to redo almost everything because of the pandemic, which shifted many ridership patterns. That said, I agree it needs to be delayed by a couple years but I don't think it should take anymore than 3 yrs to make changes (unless all of a sudden now they are doing local and express routes seperatly and even so that should not be taking 5 yrs for 8 redesigns to be completed compared to 4-5)
  7. Already confirmed Just like the transfers thread y'all should read the last couple of pages before you post.
  8. Official buses pending retirement/oos from Castleton: 1. 7001 2. 7047 3. 7049 4. 7054 5. 7058 6. 7065 7. 7071 8. 7076 9. 7086 10. 8221 11. 8236 12. 8244 13. 8245 14. 8246 15. 8400 16. 8702 17. 8703 18. 8714 19. 2220 20. 2225 21. 2645 22. 2668 23. 2673 @SevenEleven if this can be confirmed
  9. Vehicle 2225 on route SIM1C-Eltingville - Manhattan Express going ↑Midtown via Church St via 6 Av at 6 Av on Central Park S Last Seen at Aug 31 5:44:55PM Via Transee
  10. Please folks going forward do not list anything that is a "transfer" unless it's seen in person or it's listed on the system. The constant glitches on the tracker are not reliable at all for anyone to be calling it a transfer.
  11. Don't know why we keep getting topics that could of been said in one or two threads we already have but ok.
  12. It's quite simple. Don't rely on the GPS/tracker to determine the transfer. It's official via the system and seeing it in person.
  13. Just like NJT is mad at Academy for not running buses on time and is moving buses around/canceling contracts, it's a similar situation with NYCEDC. They want someone "more reliable" to operate the SIM23/24. At this point it's getting easier for the MTA to absorb the 2 routes but I doubt it's all gonna happen by the end of September.
  14. I don't remember exactly but let me check... Same situation as the other routes, looks like a minor change with Williamsburg. Q24 and Q54-59 look similar or nearly unchanged.
  15. Division. They are doing these redesigns by division. And even so that's still not 100% true. Notice how the Q24, Q58 and Q54-56 are largely untouched besides their extreme ends. The Q54 and Q58 are also getting limited variants called the QT3 and QT6 respectively. Besides that, not much is being touched in the Brooklyn Division. Spring Creek is part of the Queens Division but because all the routes are operated in Brooklyn besides the BM5, that comes in the Brooklyn redesign. On a different topic, I have a theory which is they want both the Brooklyn and Queens redesigns to start at the same time since there are new queens routes overlapping old Brooklyn routes.
  16. There was a wierd way I copy/pasted the data since I can't directly copy/paste from TTMG so my fault for the wierd format lol
  17. Here's my issue though. You can't say that the ONLY REASON the Q53 is being messed with bc of "Fare evasion" then come out with another post saying oh I was told the Q52 has more ridership than the Q53. That does not add up to me. If you tell me the Q52 has more data recorded then based on your logic plenty of people fare beat on the Q52 too, which also screws up data for the Q52. People aren't stupid. If you don't have ticket inspectors on the route often then you will have a handful of people getting on without a ticket or asking other people to give their ticket away. Fare beating may not be as evident as it is in Brooklyn and the Bronx but if there's fare beating on the Q53 then there's definitely fare beating on the Q52.
  18. This is very different from "they messed with the Q53 because of the high fare beating". Which one is it? If the claim of "Q52 has more ridership" is true then the MTA needs to do better research bc the Q53 appears more often than the Q52 and the Q53 has plenty of crowds on their buses.
  19. Stop. That is not even close to the reason they messed up the Q53. High fare beating is evident in plenty of routes in the Bronx and Brooklyn. And no routes are being discontinued under the Bronx redesign plan. Use common sense before you randomly make up your own conclusions.
  20. 6693, 6709, 6724 That's what TTMG has left at MHV. 6690, 6700, 6711, 6717, 6726, 6730, 6732- 6738, 6740-6741, 6743- 6747, 6750-6752 that's what's left at MQ
  21. I'm hoping we get another draft plan for queens in early 2022. There's no reason the revamped queens system should be looking like that. The ideas presented are good in theory (nonstop/LTD routes from Jamaica and Flushing and Routes 1-9 being high priority LTD corridors) but there are a handful of routes that were fine without any route changes like the Q12 and Q53. That's not even including the express routes because that's already a mess in it's own shadows.
  22. Remember the reason for the sudden change is bc of ridership pattern changes for post pandemic. We were ready to implement it by late 2020 but of course everything had to be postponed for the time being.
  23. You wanna be stressing about I'm not excusing it, but give em a break... yet why is it that when I'm a paying customer the rule is You mist wear a mask whether it be 1 minute or 1 hour. (even though most of us fare about that rule like we care about our fare.) Try traveling across the country in the plane. The policy is A LOT MORE STRICT. Also nobody is stopping them from wearing a mask when they got no passengers aboard. I doubt anyone besides a supervisor gonna be on their bus for 8 hrs and that's not even the case most times so if you're alone I'm pretty sure you not gonna wear a mask.

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