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R32 3348

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Just random pictures of commuting/etc. I took this past week.



Experimenting with Night Mode...R160B 8922


More night mode...R68A 5102



R160B 9042



R160A 8392


R62A 2009




R62A 1906


Comments are welcome, enjoy!

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lol @ graffiti; Nice photos!


Awesome Shots! Love the R62A adds! Dam people have to ruin brand new 160s with graffiti:mad:

I agree with you. Thanks!

This is why some lines get neglected. If the people don't care, why should the MTA?

This is why we don't get new things in Queens/Brooklyn.

Nice photos my favorite is the one of the tagged 160, they don't look as boring with a tagging

Thanks! You have a point.

Wonderful pics.....I see these school kids or someone was really bored to tag the NTT's. The R-62A's on the (7) looks good with the lil ad wrap


Nice photos, and already tagged the R160s...

Thanks! It's a shame...

Nice pics,looks like we have another R160 tagged up. Brand new trains being abused like that.

Thanks! They should get thsoe cameras on the trains ASAP. Except that won't happen since it's been delayed to 2011 or so...

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R160As are built by Alstom while R160S are built by Kawsaki. Alstom cars also use alstom ONIX propulsion (characterized by three notes in the pitch E-F-G). A few Kawasaki R160Bs use alstom propulsion but the majority use Siemens propulsion. Also, the cars running on the (J)(L)(M)(Z) are all R160As built into 4-car sets instead of the standard 5.


Car numbers -


8313-8652 (4-car sets)

8653-8712 (5-car sets)

9233-9592 (5-car sets)



8713-9232 (5-car sets)

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