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11/26/08 R40 A Slant & R42 R Trains!

Cait Sith

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Nice, good to see an R32 on the (E)


It looks so much older and blockier and truly like a relic even next to trains that aren't that much newer than it is. I totally dislike this train on the E and it is a shame to still see them on the E line in Nov 08. The E is supposed to be a premium line yet it runs these relics. Riding the E this month, I usually get a 42. I haven't seen a 32 on the E recently, I thought they were gone.


If the R32 has to stay around, put them somewhere else please. If you took a poll 95 percent of the E riders would want them gone. The E is so overdue for modern equipment it is ridiculous.

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