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Hello All


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once again Hello All TA and future TA members... I'm newly 20 years old(October 12th) hopefully soon to be either a track worker or conductor *prays I pass the test tomorrow* My moms a Train operator n has woked for the TA for about 7 years, I love everything art it wouldn't make sense if I didn't being a Musician, Poet, Composer, Photographer, and graphic designer... I also love sneakers mostly those of the Nike kind but with me it's whatever I like that nobody has I get if I have the money... I'm friendly, funny, honest, and all around cool person to chill with if you know me...although my Sarcasm has been known to shatter hearts...but ey what can I say I'm from NY it's either own or get owned....oh yeah I'm currently in NJ...which sucks compared to NY movin back as soon as possible...anyways thats me in a nutshell:cool:

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