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Make a Crazy rule for the MTA


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If you were to make a rule(s) for the MTA or other NON-MTA companies, what rule would it be and what will be the problem with it?


Heres some of my examples:


-Do Not Fart in the train, it will cause the train to rust with the smell

-Do Not strip on the pole! A comedian like Jay leno will show this on the Tonight Show saying some one is "Having Sex with a pole on the MTA Subway car, or as the MTA Calls it Hot160B."

-Do not get in the Train or Bus naked! Transit work may contact the nearest Porn Police "X11"




Just make up some jokes, but just be careful on how u use it tho =]~


Have fun!

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All female passengers known by the alias of Roku Six must be allowed to steal the conductor's hat and goggles for secret purposes.
Secret purposes that only I know..muahahaha!
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Do not eliminate trains and bus lines without taking a public poll... Below 50%, MTA Wins... Above 50%, Citizens Win...


Heeeeelllll no.


Below 0.00000000000001%, (MTA) wins. Above 0.00000000000001%, citizens win.

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All single, attractive female passengers must ride in the Conductor's car to keep the Conductor company :):D


See edits above.


Here here! Now I can't WAIT to get called off that eligible list when it comes out!

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And for lady conductors, only attractive, single men get to ride in the conductor's cab. =]


I guess you'll be sticking to full width cabs then. I don't think you could do that in a pre-R44 cab, unless you're an acrobat.

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