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Call it a Waterfall on the IND?


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Would you call this a waterfall made by the (MTA)? I dont think so. One youtuber says this after I replied about it as a water main break:


dontaskmyname9 (6 hours ago)


its not a water break, its suppose to be like this then why the hell u think ppl coming out with umbrellas just at this station duh


lol People might have had an umbrella cuz it was raining outside..


Video from 2007:



(Double click video to access via Youtube for reply, ratings an dother features)


I know some people dunno, but why would the (MTA) start a waterfall on its system, no one would ride if thats how it is..


btw if its not a water main break then is this the gates on the street level?

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Great Neck station almost always floods during heavy shower b/c it's located on somewhat of a valley. I always take the LIRR there for parties almost every rain day always ruined my tuxedo.

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Here is vid of the soaking at 36th Street station on (E)(F)(V)(G)(R) Queens Blvd. Line I found on YouTube:




That is some kind of view only seen on movies!


(Not my video).

QBL was literally inundated when the rain hit. I recall that Ely Avenue was a MESS.

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