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  1. Weirdest? Some guy fell asleep & totally missed his stop on the n45... On the same bus I asked a kid my age where he was going and then he told me his mom is driving the bus i felt kinda bad
  2. I don't have this problem, cause, uh, no one rides the n51 but seriously. American laziness at its finest if you cant climb 2 steps.
  3. Whatever that guy is smoking is most likely illegal
  4. Why does it seem the good teams are really good until they play bad teams... the Texans barely beat the Jets and sild by the Jags of all teams in OT
  5. also, lots of people will lose their jobs unfortunately.
  6. Kind of off topic, but that looks like the Ocean Parkway.
  7. Oh, please tell us more about how NICE sucks and the n6 is bad. We didn't know that.

  8. VWM

    why did you close ur facebook?

  9. Obviously these people failed Social Studies, because in 1861, secession didn't work. 0:25 in the video is my point exactly http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-ticker/36-states-want-secede-federal-government-economic-impact-173510792.html
  10. They already did, and that wasn't the best idea...
  11. TNF match up choice is horrible. Even though the Jets' thanksgiving game is TNF, its not on NFL Network...
  12. Excuse me for this, but that is lame for the Steelers to barely pull a win off against Kansas City of all teams.
  13. Can't believe there was a tie... and they were playing the RAMS...
  14. All of the sudden, Mark Sanchez and Eli Manning look like the same quarterback...
  15. Will not be surprised when Tebow gets the starting job next year. The jets offense is horrible, but at least thier D/ST are good. EDIT: at least I can stand to watch the rest of the season, the schedule is easy as cheese.
  16. Shock, the Jets let up a score. EDIT: ugh.... Another goddamn fumble...
  17. Post #3000 of this thread.... Zombies have taken over manhattan and are being contained between 34 and 42 streets. How do younger people out of there and what do you do with infected trains?
  18. WTF. My mom teaches there. @CDTA Your school sucks more that anything i've seen. Worst I have was my elementary school website filter that blocked youtube, wikipedia, and google images... stupid sh*t was easy as cake to get around too.
  19. I will not be surprised if Atlanta loses soon...

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