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  1. Have these surveyers ever heard a joke? Just by that you can tell we're racist; not just to blacks...
  2. reminds me of my math teacher...
  3. Exactly. All I hear about Lindenhurst is floods and devastation and I've only seen 1 news report about looting (on SI) and when I was volunteering in Lindenhust I saw an armored tank drive by.
  4. second to last photo's the beat bus... idk
  5. You should, only if necessary. He didn't break any propoerty, but it still is an assault of a minor. They did not severely injure you, and your camera is still intact....
  6. I was reading the recap of the Oakland-Chiefs game on scorecenter and it said something along the lines of this.. "Palmer throws an interception, and on the next Chiefs play, Cassel fumbles the snap. Normal occurences when the league's worst meet." This makes me laugh.
  7. I went to go volunteer in Lindenhurst today. Sorted clothes, food, and whatnot. Lindenhurst is definitely one of, if not the hardest hit communitites.
  8. Long island and isn't bad, unless you're right on the water. Then you have a problem. Went down there around noon, and it was maybe a foot below the road.
  9. Week 8... Jets, why are you so inconsistent?
  10. http://www.facebook.com/pages/Hipster-Houndoom/484144251606781?ref=stream ^^ I made a Facebook page. About Pokemon.
  11. That was horrible. Just goes to show you bad teams got good... I wouldnt be surprised if the Dolphins wind up at 2nd Place in the AFC East...
  12. for some odd reason, i believe the browns are going to kick the Chargers... not that many of the Brown's losses have benn by that much, either...
  13. the n19 is always packed, its not "just an alternative"
  14. th n51 doesnt run till 10, but this will be interesting, i think ill get my camera out... I don't have a clue, to be completely honest...
  15. No, they shouldn't. Veolia is doing a better job, and we know the would be cut-happy. All the money has been put into NICE and re-wrapping the buses, and I just think Veolia is doing a better overall job.

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