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  1. Saw a couple C40LFs driving around in Secaucus NJ before from my express bus...
  2. Yes but the foamers act like they need a SWAT team breaking down those doors. Maybe completely harmless was the wrong word but not harmful enough to warrant all the sh*t people do because of it.
  3. So you're OK with the foamers wasting the police's time with stupidity and snitching on people that didn't harm anyone? I'm not defending anyone here, not even someone harmlessly going into a cab or changing a sign. But it's harmless unless someone or something gets hurt, and simply taking a f**king selfie in the cab or changing a rollsign doesn't warrant an army of foamers pestering the NYPD to arrest someone who is probably both A. a kid and B. will have a hard time defending themselves and do not need to deal with the law over BS. This is like reporting your neighbors for weed, you're not doing anything but getting someone in trouble for a harmless violation and wasting the cops time when there's more serious sh*t to deal with. That's not to say people shouldn't give a damn if they actually try to seriously damage transit property or injure people like Keyshawn did or even these guys screwing with circuit breakers that could cause problems with equipment, but I'm sick of seeing these foamer armies tracking people down and reporting them whenever they see a cab selfie or sign changer.
  4. EDIT: went into rant mode about foamers reporting harmless incidents without noticing he tripped the circuit breakers and all that. My fault.
  5. Pretty disappointed the new Prevosts dont have chargers..
  6. 174 has problems with GPS and the sign but it was still out yest. Got probably my last ride.
  7. That portion of the order is specifically for MTA bus. If not LGA they gotta go somewhere in MTA bus
  8. Honestly I'm 100% against the railfan snitching BS and glad it's stopping (if what you're saying is right) but this isn't a harmless thing the foamer vigilantes would report like someone going into a cab for a selfie or even taking a sign/builder plate. This one could've hurt people and cause some real damage. Thats no joke. Really hope this guy gets whats coming to him, he didn't learn when he got shocked last time and he's definitely gonna hurt some people if he keeps it up.
  9. They will allow moves between the TWU and ATU depots in the new contracts if MTA gets their way. Don't know if it went through or not but they want both the 52 and 53 out of FR.
  10. Damnnn april fools I'm so stupid right now. Like the 6th time today too but I'm not exactly sober LOL
  11. Its JFK/FR getting the artics and 52/53. CP was only suppose to be temporary for the 53 anyways and FR is closest to it. Also it's JFK getting the Novas now? Use to be Prevost in NJ.
  12. Again Coach outright OWNS theirs now. They'll keep them as long as they want
  13. When I saw Flatbush Ave I'm like whaaaaaa thinking its Brooklyn lol Good stuff!
  14. The still runs quite a few 160s see em all the time
  15. Always has been there. It's pretty nice but overhyped... I never really walk through it unless I'm going to the uptown platform. I use the or daily and enter further up Fulton for that and if I'm getting off or going to the downtown I use the entrance across Broadway.
  16. The cell service at Fulton still don't work! Just wifi... Lies. And I was at 125th-8th the other day and don't think I had service.
  17. So the wifi at Fulton has been on for at least a month now but still no cell service? Well not for Sprint anyways...
  18. My money's on JFK vs CP. Different unions so those guys prob don't like each other to begin with.
  19. I don't consider an upper class neighborhood gentrified. Its gentrified when hipsters from Oklahoma trying to "find themselves" move in and there's a Starbucks or other typical hipster chain sh*t on almost every block. Williamsburg and Astoria are gentrified. Riverdale, SI etc. are just upper class areas where most of the people have been there or in NY for decades.
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