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  1. Riverdale isn't gentrifying though, high rent doesn't always mean the hipsters are coming. Down here though we've lost so many small businesses last year I can't even count. 7-11 and a sh*tload of chain restaurants all showed up out of nowhere and then there goes the neighborhood. It's pretty sad there isn't even a non-chain pizza place that's been here for years for blocks and blocks, 2 of them at least shut down over last year as the chains kept coming in. My family knew the owners of one of them and they were being kicked out of the building because the management had a deal with the owners of Keyfood (in the same building/property) to put in some Starbucks like crap that isn't even doing that good now that it's open. I don't think it's as big of a problem as it is in Manhattan in places like Williamsburg or Astoria, not to say it's not an issue but I can walk around in both those places and still see plenty of small business around but here pretty much everything's a chain now. I can understand why the small guys can't take a credit card for a small order. They gotta pay that rent! If I don't have money in my pocket I just go to 7-11 or whatever to get what I need.
  2. Do they own that bus like Coach owns theirs? (look at the owner/operator thing on the side)
  3. It wont be another GOH. In GOH they actually left transit property to go to the (now) Alstom factory upstate to get basically completely rebuilt.
  4. Caught that myself. Prob just a loaner no stickers changed or nothing like that.
  5. The worst one I ever had out there was an op slamming the brakes and stopping the bus as he pulled off to jump out and ask questions. This time I got all the looks I always get then this couple next to me in the back acted like I couldn't hear em. These guys were like "this guy's a terrorist" and "if something happens..." then one of em said they're calling the cops when they get off. Like, I can hear you ya know... My fault getting on a packed bus at the Port not expecting another CNG to come for awhile, really should've just waited for the next one cause when I got down to Union Hill 7279 pulled up a few minutes later with less than half the people.
  6. I seen standing room buses go into JFK plenty of times. They empty out at the cargo buildings
  7. Not something people in those parts know how to do... But anyways it was a nice ride, comfy with a nice new bus smell and all that, actually liking these a bit more than the old CNGs and much better than that DL POS. Took the train back to NY this morning, noticed they don't got that much Arrow 3s out anymore so did they retire more or something?
  8. So I'm on 7318 here on the 139 and the fine people of centeal jersey seem to love me recording the bus. Guys next to ke are accusing me of being a terrorist and saying they're gonna call the cops when they get off like I can't hear. I love NJ... really
  9. Got stuck in that, first the sh*tshow from Fulton up to 59th which actually wasn't that bad for me asides from getting packed in bad (damn I was happy to get off that 4). The I got on at 59th got held in the tunnel then again at Queens Plaza for awhile then they finally said it was running express so I walked upstairs and took the Q66 to the 46th Street area where I was trying to get. Took a hour and a half or so to get from Fulton to 46th.
  10. Hmm maybe it came from Queens that way and they turned it at Whitehall..
  11. So I just saw an pull out of 57/7th towards Queens no lie not trippin.
  12. So Academy is now using the D35LFs they got on the NYU hospital employee shuttle
  13. 2219 at Charleston or Castleton is doing an unusual late run on the X17...
  14. So now theyre partly ad wrapping the sides of MCIs like they do in NJ. 3144 has one
  15. Only a few at JFK got changed to MTA Bus when they changed the D60s. They mostly run for Far Rockaway routes now even on the weekend they're out, try the Q35 or Q52
  16. Good stuff! But they prob don't want the hybrids on those highway routes, if they did they would've been at ECH by now. Smart move with all the ones that caught fire on the highway already.
  17. They always change it to MTA Bus real quick there too. The O5s also had that done pretty much right when they got there. The front ads could stay or get removed or it could be some buses keep it some don't. I'm pretty sure they still got a 6000 or 2 still running with front ads from when they got there.
  18. I think the bike racks are a pretty good idea. Lots of places have em and they get used
  19. Q53's staying where it is until SBS gets underway and the JFK ATU union agrees to run other depots lines. Then it goes to JFK/FR with the 52 for SBS, the 50/23 could definitely go to CP. EC isnt getting any new buses so they could be trying to lose the locals.
  20. The fleets get constantly moved around though now IIRC, think JFK/FR at MTA Bus. That's whats different, the routes are still run from the different depots but the buses don't always stay at the same depot.
  21. The sign got hit pretty bad. The pole's sitting on the sidewalk now behind the Q11 stop all bent.

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