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  1. Thanks man! Yeah since I'm used to the canon layout, it wasn't hard to grasp, im mainly focusing on composition and techniques atm.
  2. I got the T5i last week and I took a test drive, enjoy!
  3. I agree, although some people aren't as fortunate in terms of having LIRR service. (I live on that BS WH line, so weekends I have to use NICE anyways). As long as places like Elmont, Franklin Sq, Uniondale, Roosevelt, etc (no direct LIRR service) exist, there will always be sustainable NICE bus service regardless if metrocards get rid of or not. (Which is why the routes like the n6/6x, n40/41/43, etc. get a lot of ridership.) That and LIRR is hella expensive and nearly not the same steal that MNRR is
  4. I don't ride the 22's enough... I'm more of a 6/6X guy but everytime I've ridden the 22, it is always crushed bet. Jamaica and RFM, but empty after that (Hicksville-bound). I always kind of thought that that 22X should be in BOTH directions.. Sometimes in Jamaica, I see lines for the 22's wrapping around the block by 170th That 40/41 is always crowded lolol, I believe they are way up there in terms of ridership (along with the 6/6X, 15, 22's and the 20's) Those two routes together seem to really frequent though
  5. Doesn't allow transfer to MTA? This seems very unrealistic to me. First of all, MANY (not all indeed, but a huge majority) of NICE Bus riders (including myself) use the routes to Queens (6/6X, 4/4X, 22/22A/22X/22L, 24, 20/20L, 21) and do use the subway and MTA Buses, so this plan isnt feasible as one would have to pay twice if they use this method (unless they have student metrocards like I do, which I highly doubt.) BUT The metrocards are becoming obsolete (not only in Nassau indeed but all over.). I've had my own experience with the glitch last night. I got on the n6x (I didn't know they run so late... new schedule?) at 8;15pm at 169 station and got off at Hilton/Fulton around 8:57 (the n6x B/O sucked ass) and caught the n15 Long Beach at 9:01. My metrocard took off the $2.50 on the 6X as usual but as I get on the n15, it said "Read Error". The B/O almost kicked me off but I told him how young I was and it wasnt early at night either.. so I got lucky. Even with my young age, some B/Os will be ******s and will not let you on. I appreciate NICE trying to do something new, but if they are going to do it, let it be feasible for EVERYONE that uses the system, not just a small percentage. Also, I fear that when this gets implemented, it won't get circulated enough, and people will not know that this option even exists. (Not everyone watches the news, and Veolia isn't the best at getting news out... I mean damn there are still people who don't know that Westminster isn't a stop on the 6X anymore...and I'm still waiting on the new Winter schedules that normally go in effect on december 30th)
  6. I picked up a Canon Rebel T5i the other day to replace my broken P&S. The camera cost nearly $1,000 which I find outrageous considering it is more of a closer to entry level consumer based DSLR, but I'm rather impressed with it. Maybe I'll put some photos up this week since its Winter Vacation
  7. Yeah. I have a student metrocard. Its 5 days a week so I don't think its worth it 100%
  8. Which sucks if you're trying to catch the n6x since its down the block on Terrace....
  9. I have already thought of doing LIRR from Lakeview to Woodside, but it is a lot of $$$$. Its $140 a month.
  10. I noticed that too. Everytime I ride the n4x, the B/Os seem to not pay attention and still pick up next to the n4 local sign
  11. That 6:23 n1 is always late. By the time my n6x and the n6 local that comes with it, there are loads of people waiting for the bus. That n1, the few times I have seen it, is typically SRO. Meacham always gets a lot of people on my run... they typically make the bus have no room, occasionally so crushed that there will be people having to enter through the back. I always see loads of people getting on @ Franklin/NHP at night... a lot of people use that transfer shockingly... loads get off my n6x in the AM there too... never knew that n25 had that much ridership. NICE needs to make Westminster a stop again jfc. My n15 in the morning connects with the 5:55 n6x out of HTC but since Westminster isnt a n6x stop anymore, I have to catch the 6:08 one... Almost everyone on my n15 takes the n6x too so it isnt like the ridership isnt there....
  12. Statistically "extreme commuters" are people whose commutes are 90+ minutes in one direction... I could be considered an extreme commuter considering my commute from W Hemp to Astoria is about 1 hr 45 min outbound and possibly 2+ going back
  13. The only people I know who like these jackets are very ghetto and uneducated lol. I always thought those jackets were ugly... and way overpriced... i mean sh** I can go to SoHo and come home with like 5 bags of clothes for $800
  14. I've been so busy for college applications... thank god its almost over.
  15. The MTA may be expensive base fare wise, but considering the fare for subways/buses have nothing to do with distance traveled... its a pretty damn good deal. Many other cities in the US have the distance based system which screws over people from further parts of those cities. $2.50 to go from Manhattan to Long Island (for example) is pretty damn good to me...
  16. This is something I agree with.... Those people from Belmont Park to Elmont Rd make a HUGE amount of the n6 riders. Those poor people at Elmont Rd can never fit on my usual n6x to Jamaica either (6:26, which I think is pretty damn early tbh)
  17. 1637 was on the n4x this afternoon... 1660, 1570 and 1678 I see very commonly as well (the first two are typically on a HTC route, the latter is usually on the n15) I never realized how many unwrapped NGs there are.... I rode 1751 on the n6x and 1777 on the n4x and they both were unwrapped. As well as my favorite NG, 1833
  18. NICE needs to fix their own s**** service first! They can't even handle the cash crop, the n6/n6x.... You'd have to be on drugs to think they'd can even handle a route to Brooklyn, they cant even handle a handful of routes going to Jamaica ffs.
  19. Mainly because hybrids suck lol... which is why the MTA is converting some of their OGs to diesel as we speak.. I'm actually really glad that the NICE/LIB buses are CNG
  20. I remember that as well. I remember also riding that shuttle with an ex-B/O friend and seeing all the crowds on the bus... I was glad everything was free though. I was also fortunate because by the 2nd day the and were running into Queens This is why I want to work in the healthcare field as well... I want the satisfaction of knowing that I have helped people, it is one of the things that we all need in life, and an experience like this makes you realize it a lot. Congrats on your achievements!
  21. People will still smoke regardless...It is like with weed, it may be illegal, but people still do it...they find ways to do it Speaking of which, there are many stores in the city that I know of that WILL sell you cigarette and alcohol products if you are underage anyways... they care more about the money lol.. Or one can simply come here to Nassau where you only need to be 19 to purchase tobacco products
  22. As a mixed race child who grew up in the Lower East Side myself... I don't agree 100% with this, I don't think it is mostly the culture but also where the person grows up... I know successful people of all races, many who are "minority" but grew up in nice places that became successful. I got into Bx Sci myself and didn't go there because of the commute (LES to Bx Sci isn't that long, but I moved to SE Queens and now am in LI, so you can imagine the commute time.. I would've transferred). Where I grew up, there was people of all races, but many didn't care about education. I was raised to take pride and care into my education (which is a value that all children should be taught, imo.). A lot of the kids I grew up with didn't take pride in their education and sometimes pointed out and picked at my catholic school education and now they aren't anywhere near as successful as I am. (These were kids of all races mind you, some lived in different parts of the city and attended school where I lived.) If a person is raised correctly to mind their education and take it seriously, regardless of race, they can do well, I'm a living example of this. It is unfortunate though that the statistics say that Whites and Asians do better though.

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