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  1. I really wonder if Q90 actually rides these routes that he's commenting about... - about the 47 to Myrtle idea: it's kind of redundant, the 29 is there already... I actually know quite a few people who do transfer to the 54 from the 47 (myself being ONE OF THEM on occasion). and Q23 lives in the area, he knows it very well. - Q52 to Woodside I think this is redundant too... Having ridden the whole 53 route on numerous occasions, bobtehpanda is correct, the Woodside-QCM segment is the slowest part, loads of traffic and the buses get packed along the segment.. Adding the 52 isn't gonna help the traffic. Must I also say, the whole idea won't work UNLESS the MTA fixes the damn 52/53 schedules... The 52 always shows up a minute behind the 53, and the 53 takes the load... ain't no use of extending the 52 unless you get the schedules done right. Idk what to think about the Far Rock extension tbh... but it is redundant to the 22 which already goes there... - about the Q67 idea Q23 is right, you are depriving an area of no other service from their bus service, that is the LAST thing you wanna do! and again, your routing is redundant. It ends right with the Q23... If you wanna extend it to somewhere, terminate it somewhere no other bus does, unless it is a terminal. - the Q88 idea you ALL are beating this like a dead horse! I already said, if you extend the route, its gonna make it unreliable! and it makes the route unnecessarily LONG. (It reminds me of the N20/N22, those extremely long NICE routes) I do like the idea of a Q88 LTD, but I don't like the idea of extending it... I think if you wanna tinker with the Q38, divide it in two. Make the Eliot portion go somewhere like Ridgewood (you get the idea) and send the Penelope portion to Flushing, and possibly reroute it off some of those narrow streets, that make the Q38 as unreliable as it is! EDIT: With your Q67 routing proposal, if it was ever implimented, the MTA would reroute it to Atlas probably, just like they did with the Q54.
  2. When I rode it to RVC, A LOT of people got off at Central Ave for the n1, RVC (Park Av) with me, and Lynbrook/5 Corners. I don't think the n4x will have as much controversy as the n6x did.
  3. 2edgy4you did you put a filter on this pic? Its a nice one
  4. That's the case with any route... increasing the length can decrease its reliability. I don't see why everyone wants to extend it so bad,,, it is fine the way it is.... if it ain't broke don't fix it...
  5. People in Rego Park, go to Flushing, including error, no doubt about that..... but what is the point of making it go to whitestone....
  6. I saw it at Hicksville the other day (it was raining though) and there was no one on it. But I think weather definetly played a role. I'll try heading to Jones one day soon to check it out.
  7. That punishes people with longer commutes who live further out. I like being able to get from Long Island to anywhere in the city for $2.50 now thanks.
  8. Make a route from Whitestone to Rego Park????????? lolowut
  9. W Hempstead is okay, it is safe and quiet (I don't hear gunshots and police sirens every night, so I mean that's a plus) and that n15 is a reliable line, I haven't had any headaches with it. I'm kind of shy to go outside and explore and make friends though, so I've been going back to Queens to hang out. (Thank god I'm still going to school in Queens!) Thanks for asking! lol That matriarchal shit reminds me of my English teacher from this year, she's a single middle aged woman who doesn't trust men (she said out loud) and she had a "feminist" demeanor.. she's pretty self sufficient and said herself that she doesn't need anyone. With the women raising men weak analogy, that's typical. Projection of insecurities and desires onto their sons.... trying to raise them THEIR way instead of the right way. pfft but poor parenting is a whole 'nother story LOL "too many 80's babies are out here poppin out babies like skittles. ^ nice analogy LOL IN a nutshell, people don't know how to act, and it is all a hot ass mess.. lol one that I will try not to get involved with myself when the time comes.
  10. First of all, congrats on your promotion ! Second, I'm not surprised with the patriarchal eradication tbh... many women that I see consider themselves above men. Problem with this new generation coming up, many of the guys (especially the ones my age) don't got their priorities straight (they don't care about their schooling or anything, just stupid stuff like sneakers or smashing girls)... (I'm not gonna comment on the effeminate nature of guys because I don't see it often but many people consider me effeminate unfortunately) and they're gonna end up like those low-achieving types that you mentioned... I wasn't raised in a 2 parent household either, and didn't grow up with any males, but I know at least I won't end up like that..! You basically described at least 1/2 the guys in my generation though in truthful, honest points tho... You ain't the only one worried about this generation...
  11. LTD service won't fix anything if there is traffic. The main traffic is that part of Main and Kissena but that is a small number of stops. If there is traffic and the bus isn't moving, you're not gonna lose time by stopping in a stop anyways.... I think other than the bunching, the Q25 is a fine route (I prefer the Q65 though)... "If it ain't broke don't fix it."
  12. Why extend it to Bay Terrace if the Q28 goes there from Flushing.... I don't think the demand is there... Those 25s bunch like crazy too...
  13. "NICE BS try again".... wtf is that supposed to mean? Never quoted you or mentioned anything about you either "Mr. transitmaster" me and bobtehpanda were talking about Q90..
  14. He's probably never even been to Main Street pfft. I think he suggests routes to go places, but he's actually never been to them and just looks at maps instead, and you know how that goes Main has enough room for buses, the problem is not room itself, its the friggin traffic...
  15. I saw one at Roosevelt Field today... compared to the other buses it was pretty empty.. even for the first stop. I was speaking to some passengers on the n6x the other day about the service changes. They all are upset about the Westminster Road stop being removed. A lot of them didn't know about the changes either, they said that NICE doesn't try to get community input. Seems many people get off at Westminster to walk to the n15/n31/n32 to avoid Hempstead altogether, including quite a few people from my neighborhood. Some suggested removing the Elmont Rd stop instead.
  16. I did kind of an experiment yesterday and today... I took the N4 and N6x leaving Jamaica around the same time... (N6x from 165-HTC) and (N4 from Parsons-Archer to RVC Park Ave/Merrick Rd)... I took the 6:50pm N4 and the 6:38pm N6x. Got to HTC at 7:24 and got to RVC at 7:25 (both operators were moving VERY NICEly too) It is interesting that the N4 is faster even though the N6x is an "express". I can't wait for the N4x. I wanna see how much time I saved! Rode Orion V CNGs on both too (1626 on N4 and 1660 on N6)
  17. What's your obsession with making current routes extra long and unnecessary?
  18. Bloomberg wants to attack obesity and all, but he isn't so healthy and skinny himself.... the hypocrisy.....
  19. I remember when the M14/M23 were 100% D60 those were the days... :')
  20. Seeing all the Quill/MHV/M15 route pictures brings back good memories and happiness. I remember riding those RTSs and D60s everyday growing up and before I moved. Thank you so much for sharing!

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