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  1. I don't feel unsafe, considering the times I ride the bus. I'm getting off of this sinking ship of an island soon enough anyways.
  2. I go to school with a bunch of rich, entitled, spoiled brats and they don't act honorable or like saints either.....
  3. Another NICE operator got assaulted Yesterday. In Franklin Square, AGAIN. smh. This is why I ride NICE early in the morning and late at night when all the unstable people are still unconscious
  4. + Horace Harding/Main, i see it this way too... Pretty much. It is not a long distance though, I don't think it will affect everything THAT much This thread was open almost TWO years ago and is still going strong. Heck I remember when it was first made! (I knew B35 does too) lol
  5. Yesterday was so beautiful outside, the warm day was really needed. After this week, hopefully spring will be here to stay! Looks like I may be going the CUNY route, all 6 that I applied to (CSI, Brooklyn, Queens, City, Hunter and Baruch) accepted me. Damn Stony Brook is taking 23184021985 years after I sent them my tax papers on February 20th. Its March 23rd ffs...
  6. You think living with Mangano in office is better than him? LOL
  7. Couldn't be more correct. I moved out of Springfield Gardens this summer and those Q5s/85s got slammed on Sundays. I lived in the East Village for a large number of years as well, and the M8 used to be a nice alternative to the 14s until they cut weekend service. Nice to see it going back.
  8. Well my usual N6X has been less crowded lately... (I actually get a seat at Terrace since my 15 doesn't connect with it time-wise at HTC anymore....) Pretty much every NICE route I've seen has been WAY less crowded lately (Ridership being lost is no exaggeration to me....) On the N6 going home yesterday, near Franklin Ave (HTC-bound), a guy got on the bus, didn't pay his fare and told the driver to take off. Everyone has been taking their frustrations on the operators. No one is as friendly with them as they used to be. Says a lot about the satisfaction. I have no complaints about the 6/15/31/32 for the most part, but my god that N4 always comes to Jamaica 6-10 minutes late (which is why I NEVER take it anymore)
  9. Nope, works in both directions. Ex: I've done -> -> N6 -> N15 -> N4 -> N32 Q44 -> Q17 -> N6
  10. The struggle of waiting for college acceptances... its actually pretty infuriating...
  11. I'm fortunate that my local supermarket sells them....
  12. The n6 is nowhere near as bad as the "worst" NYC route..... ride the B46 then ride the N6 and then come talk to me... anyway, ghetto trash, whats new? Have fun in jail. Poor child that was with her...
  13. This winter was awful but I can tolerate the snow and the cold.. its the fkin black ice that I can't stand. I'm happy to not go to a public school, my school simply closes in this horrible weather and doesn't add on days at the end (I'm a senior anyway so it wouldn't affect me.) I spoke to my NY History teacher about his opinion on DeBlasio keeping the NYC schools open and he brought up the fact that even though the conditions are bad, people still have to work, and a lot of people cannot work if the schools are closed because they'll have no one to watch their kids (obviously the younger kids.).
  14. That n6x runs a lot smoother in the morning. NICE made the headways 7-8 minutes instead of 10-13. I thank them for that, they at least improved SOME service. The buses have more room and are less packed. The trip is smoother and surprisingly shorter as well. I haven't tried it during the PM yet but the good service compared to the n4x's dismal 15 minute headways.
  15. Well I was mainly talking about going to HTC in the morning from Long Beach but yeah I noticed that too.
  16. I concur, I find the system to be absolute shit myself but since LIRR hates my part of the island, I am forced to use it. I find it shit for numerous reasons: 1. The schedules - Idk how you give only a MINUTE to transfer between buses at transit points/centers. This is even if either bus is on time, which is highly unlikely in the first place.. - schedules are not right, they are either too wide or too short. Here are some examples: - n6x in the morning. (The stretch from HTC to Elmont Road is about 18 minutes by the schedule. In reality if one goes above 5mph, they'll be early, THEN the OPs are only given 10 minutes to get from Elmont Rd to 179, which really takes 12-15 due to the obscene stoplights. This is fixed in the Jan 12 schedules thankfully, they are given 13 minutes on runs before 7, and 15 after I think.) - Buses don't connect with the trains.. (The n4/4X NEVER connects with the E, it always arrives a minute after one departs, and leaves as an enters, which is problematic if the route runs 30+ minute headways (which is why I just take the 6 at night now; better headways, connects with the 15 and I have Westminster as a backup thankfully.) 2. Buses don't making bus-bus transfers. - This is a problem I've noticed in Hempstead a few times (another reason I love the 15, because I can get off at any stop on Fulton or at Westminster if I feel that I may not make a transfer.) The n6/6X is ALWAYS late to Hempstead. Some people actually go by the schedules and if the bus is late, they are screwed, especially if it is a low ridership route. (Those N40/41 people are really lucky with the amount of service they get, but they utilize it well, those buses are always packed when I see them.) 3. Rude, rude operators (this may not be a system problem but still.) - I've had some really friendly NICE operators, but a lot of them are callous and rude. They'll openly drive away as you're running for the bus, they don't respond when you say good morning or hello and they drive really erratically. Now, not saying any other system in the world may not have these problems but I feel like NICE's problems should be addressed this way. (In my 17 years of using the MTA I have not as much complaints about them tbh). There are a lot of people in Nassau (like myself; although I don't live here by choice) that rely on NICE and have commutes of over 90 minutes. LIRR isn't a saving grace for us in any way (notice, the high ridership routes, don't run near or parallel the LIRR, or they barely do.-- N40/N41, all of those communities don't use LIRR, N22, some portions have subpar or nonexistant service, same for N24. The N15 runs parallel to WH branch, enough said. And the N6, I'd say 50% or more of its ridership come from Elmont.) I'd suggest getting out there to riders and getting their opinion (not just at Hempstead or RF or some other terminal) and gather a list of responses from a bigger sampling size (800 riders? really... that's it? out of 100,000.). I'm sure a lot feel the way I do.
  17. Lately every n6/n6x i've been taking hasn't been too crowded as usual lately... hmm wonder why? lol I catch the 6:08am n6x out of HTC and every other bus that goes to HTC other than the n15 has been showing up late the past week (that's rather interesting too). I feel bad for all those other people (which is why I love the n15, its always early or on time)
  18. Nice pics! Thanks for getting some shots of my home route! (the N15). I'm curious, what camera do you use?
  19. This^ and this^ and don't forget the people who go to one rave and think they are advanced ravers/partiers/fans and then put "Eat. Sleep. Rave. Repeat." as their motto
  20. I could stay out late one night and find out for you... (Whenever I come home late, ironically it is either via LIRR or I transfer at Rockville, but never Hempstead.)
  21. 307 pages and 1.5 years later and QJ is still getting people angry on this thread? :| Hmmm random thoughts/proposals I have: - I think something should be done about the Hillside Avenue corridor during the AM rush. I constantly see people getting flagged nearly every stop after F Lewis. (Which makes me glad that I take the 6X and don't have to deal with that mess.). I would make a solution but cannot put my mind on it, maybe someone could help... I'll list more later when I get my mind to it
  22. Thanks all! @Mark; these actually weren't shot in RAW. I haven't had the time to do all the processing for it, so I'm rather curious to see how the results would be in RAW. @9889 - other than the B+W edits, they actually aren't edited.
  23. This is why I'd rather crush on the 6/6X instead of taking those horrid 22's. The two times I took the 22: from RF-Jamaica, CRUSHED, making all stops. from RF-Hicksville, pretty empty and smooth

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