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  1. 1. Lets speak theoretically, public housing or not, would you agree with being fingerprinted JUST to get into your apartment ? 2. Why do I have the feeling that you are being stereotypical.. not everyone that lived/lives in the projects are "animals" and "evil". In fact, it was a very small minority out of the people that live there. The quote "It only takes some to ruin it for many..." comes to mind. I lived in the projects, and you all know damn well I'm not a "thug".... Also, you are making it seem like people break everything there. Living there first hand, it is a very subpar experience, but mostly because NYCHA can't take care of their s***. I've had to wait months for several things to be fixed that weren't my fault (a radiator, a toilet). Now since you've never lived here, you assume "Oh these people break stuff, and our money goes to NYCHA to fix it !" (which isn't the case AT ALL) 3. Some people don't have any other options..... but you are very unsympathetic to that it seems. And here is the problem, A LOT of people in the projects ARE actually injured/disabled, but you wouldn't know that so(the amt of elderlies that I saw in my old building with walkers and wheelchairs... many of them have raised families here and now have grandchildren)... Not everyone that lives there is able bodied and use gov't resources. 4. So because some people have cable and a car, they automatically have enough money to move out of the projects? ...really? See, they look at your income, now you don't know the people or their situation.. When I lived here, I had cable and my family had a car, but it was still hard to afford anywhere else... This hits a strong nerve to me. Tbh I think you and a few people here, are using typical stereotypes and arguments that those "well off" use for those in the projects because they think that they're "above" them. I've been in both situations, the kid who grew up in the projects, moving to a nice part of Long Island, and I think your attitude is disgusting. Also while people are saying "Lets have more tax money going to education and police!". NYCHA has been having less money going to them recently.and things actually have gone down hill in some NYCHA places (not that you would care ofc). I'm sure the politicians don't care enough about education or quality of education here would be better and most of the tax money have been going to other things (those stupid a** citibikes) and im sure every year loads of tax money goes to the NYPD.
  2. How many of you here have lived in the "projects" before? Now speaking as someone who lived in public housing for 15 years, I feel that this program is rather pointless. I think Bloomberg is also finger pointing and being prejudiced towards those who live in public housing. There are actually very many law abiding, hard working people who live in public housing that have nothing to do with any crime there (my family fell in that category), is there a reason to punish them with this because of a few bad apples? I also feel there is finger pointing because of the stigma that all projects produce all the crime here, which isn't the case. Oh yeah, may I also add, if finger print scanners were added here, they'd be broken and defiled quickly, so that in itself makes the reason to put it as moot. Now some of you people say, it is tax dollars going to these projects and these people should be finger scanned because of it? ....really? ......really now? As bobtehpanda said, you might as well do that for all the services that we use with those taxpayer dollars with that backwards ideology. Most other points that I agree with have been stated by Turbo and realizm. @GC : with the guards.. I believe there were tax dollars removed from the community forces and given all to the NYPD
  3. I see an LRG and a Novabus 5000 Nice shots as usual Deme!
  4. subway -> n4 -> n15 works? that's perfect! In my experience subway -> n6 -> n15 or n72 has worked for me.
  5. It was on the n15 yesterday. I saw it was unwrapped and I was surprised myself.
  6. That song sucks! shows how horrible music has become nowadays 90s rap >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> today's.
  7. Bus lanes were easier to implent on those routes, some don't even consider the s79 as an SBS tbh lol.
  8. Adding SBS and bus lanes on Queens Blvd? Ha ! good luck with that.... NIMBYs aren't gonna like losing their parking. There is loads of parking spots on Queens Blvd, even if it is a big stretch of road. Also, the route doesn't even have a LIMITED.... ain't no way its gonna get an SBS
  9. I agree with the notion that B35 & bobtehpanda stated about renaming routes.... there ain't a reason to do it tbh. Now about a Q60 to the West Side... Nah. There is a LOT of traffic in that part of town... its gonna exacerbate the bunching/delays problem that troubles the Q60 today. I, personally think there should be more short turns (I think there are a very small amount that terminate at 33 St station, iirc.) If there are more short turns added, have them terminate at 33rd or Queens Plaza or 46 St or even QCM. I think it may fix the problem.
  10. n15. So the n4 ride will be less than the one you've done. Lets see how it goes.
  11. Well I tried to see if I can get that double transfer yesterday on the n6. I did this : (going to Queens) 10:23 n15 to HTC 10:36 (was an Orion V CNG too #1686) 10:48 n6 to 179 11:32 (#1660) 11:38 train out of 179 and got it. (going home) 7:20 train @ 33 St to 51st St 7:25 7:35 train to Roosevelt Av 7:46 8:00 train to 179 ST 8:25 I run up the stairs and see #1663 on the n6 @ 8:26 got off at Fulton/Terrace and cross the street @ 9:02 Then @ 9:06 the n15 Long Beach bound comes and I get on and the 3way transfer worked as well. #1650 so its confirmed that it works both ways using the n6... now next week i'll test it on the n4.
  12. Thank you! I have the option of taking the n4 as well, no one before had told me about the n4 though. I'll try it with n15 -> n6 -> subway and n15 -> n4 -> subway and update you. I've heard about 2 hour limit too, I don't think its that, I think it may be a glitch.
  13. Is it true that you can get a 3way transfer if you do subway -> N6 -> another NICE bus or vice versa? someone mentioned this to me before but I wasn't sure if it was true and I've never tried it.
  14. That Q33 isn't useless. There are a lot of people who use it along 82nd and 83rd streets... trust me i've actually rode the route.
  15. 1.) not everyone has interest in the opposite sex he is only what 13? 2.) I thought he may have some disorder himself. I heard he either has asperger's or autism (I'm 80% sure it is autism) from someone who has met the kid (I'll get a confirmation from my source). I thought he had ADHD myself. 3.) Lack of social intelligence? Difficulty in the ability to make successful friendships, which may lead to his obsession with people.
  16. Well we found his other account in the chat.. he's probably just using that as an alibi to divert possible suspicion
  17. That's what happens when you read maps instead of riding the routes..
  18. You have to be kidding me... The Q27 has a large ridership base because of certain locations, which your Q13 bypasses. I'm gonna say this again, because it seems like you aren't getting it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!
  19. Nice that you two had a great time. Those breadsticks and Red Lobster's biscuits are like heaven, but they're extremely fattening
  20. Hello Brett! I like how it says "By law, we are required to check ALL checked baggage," then it says... "Some bags were physically opened and inspected."
  21. It wouldn't be any more direct by making it go to Forest Hills.... I know a few people who use the Q67 as well. So what if the Q22 is a local route? It is on the same road. No one is calling for a bus to run on Woodhaven to Far Rock when there is the train as well.. I've ridden the Q39 and the Q67 and they serve two different areas. The area of middle village that the Q67 serves is only served by the Q38 (one route that I'd never wanna push people onto.)
  22. The MTA could do way worse, you seem to forget how big our system is and how hard it is to maintain... The Q38 was a private bus company route before the take over, the MTA didn't make it in a loop btw. Would you rather have hour headways during the day on every route, like other systems do?
  23. Q38 - okay, fine. Q47 - just because a bunch of people board a certain bus in a certain location, doesn't mean they'll board another bus in the same location. Q52 - the purpose of the Q52 is to serve Arverne, you're making it unreliable by going to Woodside. The Q53 is unreliable. Extending the Q52 to Far Rock is FAR MORE redundant than the current Q53 routing to Rockaway Park. Extending the Q52 basically makes it do 50% of the Q22 already... Q67 - if it ain't broke don't fix it..... Q88- a limited is better than extending it all the way to Ridgewood or Middle Village. Have you ever ridden that Q88? Those buses get CRUSHED and during school time, there are a f**kton of kids along the route due to the HS in the area (John Bowne, Francis Lewis, etc..) guess you've never ridden it. which leads me to wonder... do you actually go out and ride these routes for yourself? or do you sit at home and just look at maps?

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