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  1. Going on Vacation NYCTF leaving today at 4 coming back Jan 6. Going to L.A. (y). See yall then. :)

    1. XcelsiorBoii4888


      So you come online...blow up the Bus Photos & Videos section with your "Xcellent photos" then leave ehh? LOL..have fun.. get away from here this turrble wethaa.

    2. Turbo19


      Enjoy your stay out on the left coast dude!

    3. ttcsubwayfan


      Metrolinx = Company operating GO Transit in Toronto

      Metrolink = Commuter rail company in Los Angeles

  2. also is this your longest video on youtube?
  3. Xcellent video bro! i wish i can get a driver like that on the S51/S53. Lots of fast takeoffs in this video too!

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