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  1. Ugh, the new Flickr interface is the absolute worst thing I have ever clapped my eyes on.

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    2. Cait Sith

      Cait Sith

      They need a better bulk editor for christ sake.

    3. ttcsubwayfan


      I like the ability to sort by year taken, but I don't like how the new photostream looks... there's just too much dead white space for my liking, which they could easily fix by making the photo thumbnails bigger.


      But what I hate the most is the new album page. It just looks so bad. The giant black rectangle with album info is unnecessary (and it annoys me how, every time I click on the album description, it automatically brings me into an editor). Why fix what isn't bro...

    4. ttcsubwayfan


      what isn't broken?

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