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  1. The B15 has a lot of stops less than 2 blocks apart and I believe some should be removed
  2. : East NY Alabama ave : Broadway jct Alabama Ave
  3. It’s that left turn onto rockaway parkway heading south to flatlands ave is what concerns me the most. I sit through 5 lights trying to get through.
  4. So I picked the for the month of September and I am confused on how the SBS will work. That loop around the Rockaway Parkway station kills about 15-20 minutes with all the traffic. They should keep the and on Flatlands ave. There are other bus lines that stop about 2 blocks from a subway station and the people walk to and from them. I did see the pdf file on it and it is insane that there won't be a bus lane on kings highway between the kings highway station and Ocean ave. Correct me if I am wrong anywhere about this.
  5. Sutter ave is very narrow. Getting through with an artic would be tough. So, no artic for the B14 Try making that right turn from Eastern pkwy onto Utica ave with dollar vans at that corner with an artic for the B17. Or try making the U-turn on seaview and get jack knifed. SMH!
  6. 2 navy blue polo shirts. Apparently they’re prototypes. Might get better ones soon. What’s missing from the polo is a pocket (for our pens and work sheets) and a badge holder.
  7. I let them on. The rule is to leave them at a safe, well lit area. It's in the NY State CDL DMV book.
  8. Saw it today when I had to go up there. Didn’t approach it. I wish they would send them to ENY.
  9. Why is it for the Q30 and Q31 they can’t display “Jamaica LIRR station” at once just like for the Q43?
  10. I do find it weird when I see an intersection as the destination. I’d like to see the neighborhood on it too. Q24 used to have “Bushwick Van buren st.” Now it has “Lafayette ave & patchen ave.”
  11. The B6 should get “via bay pkwy” even with all the turns it has. Bx31 should get “via eastchester rd” Bx17 “via prospect” and “via crotona” Bx21 “via Boston rd” and “via Morris pk av” Bx32 “via Jerome” and “via Morris Ava”
  12. I’d like to add the B45 “via St. John’s Pl” and the B65 “via Bergen st” and “Via Dean st”
  13. They should add to the B14 “via Sutter av” and “via pitkin av.” Also, the B17 needs “via Remsen av” and “via Ave L” for trips to East 80 st.
  14. As an operator myself, I wonder why we can't pick which buses to have in the depot. We are the ones behind the wheel. Is it maintenance that decides the fleet or the higher ups?
  15. If you’re a night hawk operator, you can pick which bus you want. In ENY Depot, ideally they have the xd40s ready for them. I have seen an Orion vii hybrid on a hawk one night.
  16. Is there any way I can reschedule the OPA? They scheduled me for the 24th but I’ll be on vacation.
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