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  1. Yeah. Might've pressed 1 instead of 2
  2. 77 proposed new local routes and they can't keep the numbers between 1 through 77 ? 🤷‍♂️
  3. During my QCC days, I’ve caught RTS bus #9250 twice. It had express seats. I’ve caught it on the Q43.
  4. They’re trying to get rear ended to get that check!
  5. Q24. Less lights on Atlantic Avenue
  6. For example, if you pick the B17 for your run during the week, you must pick a B17 run on Saturday and/or Sunday. You can’t pick a B12 weekend run if you’re doing the B17. Unless you have a work run (which is covering the run when the person on the original run is off) you may be on another line that doesn’t interline with the line you picked.
  7. Subway shuttles are done as overtime. Also, you must pick within the line you picked for the week.
  8. Report time was at 450 pm
  9. In ENY, the seniority is a bit high. When it’s my turn to pick, the Sunday/Monday choices left clear late and may not pay as much. Also, I may only have less than 5 of those schedules to pick from. In TA depots, you must also pick what you want to do on weekends. You might clear earlier, later or at the same time as your weekday schedule.
  10. I was able to pick Sunday/Monday off 10 months on the job. I was finishing at 130 AM.
  11. Is it possible to get a Green roll dot rts style sign of: Downtown bklyn Fulton Mall Via Bergen st
  12. An earthquake at Jamaica center causes a 6 foot wide fissure on Parsons Blvd between Archer ave and Normal Rd Affecting all bus and subway lines.
  13. Woodhaven Blvd bridge collapses at Queens Blvd (no fatalities). It affects the Q11, Q21, Q29, Q38, Q52SBS, Q53SBS, Q59, Q60 and QM12.
  14. Can’t confirm but I hear the B48, B57 and B60 are returning to GA in exchange for the Q58 to FP
  15. There’s no bus stop sign for the Q113 and Q114 on Rockaway blvd by the 5 towns shopping center. I’ve always driven over there and never seen any but both bus lines stop there.
  16. That also happens on the 7000-7100 in ENY. I figured out it sometimes work when you fully kneel, slowly and properly serve a bus stop.
  17. Q18, Q39 and Q67 can go to Grand or FP. Also the Exprees routes QM24, QM25 and. QM34 should be at FP since it terminates not far from there.
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