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  1. Love the busy traffic in the last one
  2. 3625 from LGA has really loud breaks. I heard it coming the down the street in LIC and almost thought it was some kind of truck. I guess most of the Orion breaks have the same affect as they get older similar to the Orion V’s.
  3. The RTS’s are producing really bad air pollution. I haven’t ridden one in a while but I was able to smell and taste the air from 5204 while I was in the front boarding today. I def. recommend staying away from RTS’s unless you’re commute on one.
  4. Hello everyone. I noticed there isn’t a topic for photoshopped transit pics and scheme designs. I love seeing custom artwork on exsisting transit photos more than any kind of customization and I thought I’d start a topic of my own and get the ball rolling... Here’s something I made last night. I did research on Nova LFS CNG’s and I feel in love with them. So I decided to incorporate my idea of a fictional DOT bus company and create a scheme for this all white Nova CNG. I wanted to go with a modern look and include itineraries such as WiFi and USB, and as my most personal feature, I created a multi-colored front sign that illuminates the color of the route shown on bus maps and Google searches. https://flic.kr/p/28JVaH3
  5. It’s Monday and I’m on another 4 car R46 G train. I guess the G is using equipment from CI and JAM for a while.
  6. Where are the 4 car R46’s coming from for the G service change?
  7. Don't you know what day it is? *check your calendars*
  8. Delays Posted: 04/01/2018 12:03PM trains are running with delays in both direction because of an earlier incident involving multiple vandalized trains between 96 St and South Ferry. Planned WorkTRACK REPLACEMENT No trains running trains and free shuttle buses provide alternate service Weekend, 11:30 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Mar 30 - Apr 2 trains make all stops between 14 St and 96 St.Buses operate between 96 St and 148 St, making all stops.• Transfer between trains and buses at 96 St.Show Shuttle Bus Stops
  9. The B41 extension to Sheapshead Bay is already a bad idea. The ratio of buses terminating at Knapp Street to buses ending at Kings Plaza are way off. I needed to get to Flatbush and Avenue U and I had to wait while ten Knapp Street bound buses passed before one to KP showed up. And the trips to Knapp Street are out of Jackie Gleason depot...
  10. There's a flying saucer in Zerega too. This order is going to be interesting.
  11. Yesterday, I ran into 612 and this interesting backfire.
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