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  1. I believe the reason is to keep Siemens 160 sets only at 1 yard and not have them in multiple Yards?
  2. Is is true that CIY yard currently has no more Siemens Sets as they all got transferred to Jamaica YD for some Alstom Sets back?
  3. It wouldn’t be surprising that Jamaica is starting to mix sets Now 😂
  4. They are permanently staying at Jamaica Yard until somewhat happens to swap sets in the future rn it’s not it
  5. So if so are all the Siemens sets leaving CIY or will there be leftovers?
  6. So Speaking of artic it look like the Q70 is getting prepared for it since this is the 7th day in a row a artic is running on it
  7. If u don’t mind me asking what’s “Thales”
  8. I heard it’s supposed be to establish by The 23rd from Jackson Heights to 71ave
  9. They have before besides a R46 except the Q since it uses a R46 from the R I’m AM rush
  10. Quite Early but I guess it’s an end of an era for 160’s at CI yard
  11. 8505-8507 if not mentioned already, Spotted on the GWB to Zerega
  12. Currently Brooklyn is Training operators for the B38 but when the final days come in (sep 3) more Artics will head there which will most likely be KB XD60
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