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  1. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    I bet when the liberal women are on the streets marching, yelling and whatever, there's gonna be a lot of foamers/railfans camping out at Columbus Circle waiting for an R160 or to show up
  2. 2018 Women's March Car Assignments

    Will the extras run during or after the march?
  3. Museum Car Discussion Thread

    The R26/R29 pairs are only surviving pair of their respective car class. Yes there is barely any difference but I mean, many other Redbirds were restored. Another question I forgot to add: Will R12/R14 combo in 207 in MTA livery get restored? If ya want a representation of how they look, here ya go: R17/R21: IMG_0699 by Jacob Robles, on Flickr R26/R28/R29: IMG_0697 by Jacob Robles, on Flickr IMG_0707 by Jacob Robles, on Flickr R36 WF: IMG_0533 by Jacob Robles, on Flickr R110: IMG_0728 by Jacob Robles, on Flickr
  4. Museum Car Discussion Thread

    So, I recently had this idea with possible museum train consists. I want to hear your thoughts on this. *9307, 9308, 9310, and 9343 were removed from work service in 2017. 9307 and 9310 were made operable and are preserved, but 9308 and 9343 remain unused. **Cannot run with the other cars unless some from the consist are not running on a trip. Consist 1- R26's 7774-7775 (red scheme), R28's 7924-7925 (green scheme), R29's 8678-8679 (red scheme), R33WF 9308 (Blue Subway Series Scheme), 9343 (red scheme)*, R36ML 9542-9543 (red scheme) Consist 2- R32's 3350-3353, R40A 4460, R40A's 4480-4481, R42 4465 Consist 3- R10 3189, R16 6305 and 6339, R30's 8506, 8481, and 8522 ALL added to the Train of Many Metals** Now a few questions: Also, any plans to move the R26, R28, and R29 sitting in Concourse to 207 for restoration? They really need a repaint and not a scrapping. Is it feasible to put an R110 car up on display? They're just sitting there gathering dust. When will R12 5760, R15 6239, and R33WF 9306 run again? They haven't ran since 2013-2014 at the latest. Couldn't they just transfer one of the TOMC Redbird pairs to the museum in their place? Will R17 6895, R21 7267 (sitting in Concourse), and R36WF 9582-9583 get scrapped anytime soon? The R17/21 are rotting to pieces, and the 36WF pair was separated from the Redbird GEL train, and is sitting in Unionport. Will R36ML 9542-9543 get restored to operable status? The pair should be coupled to the R26/28/29 I mentioned earlier.
  5. Rockaway Beach Branch

    He means that putting LRT on the RBB would be infeasible because it's end part is the line, and the is provisioned to extend on it.
  6. Taken on the nostalgia ride to Willets Point on 8/19/17.
  7. R179 Discussion Thread

    3010-3019 was the set that failed the most in OOS testing. That's why they had to test it on Brighton a few weeks ago.
  8. R179 Discussion Thread

    Oh I know what to call 3066-3093: The Train of Many Disorganized!
  9. R179 Discussion Thread

    Ok let's please get back on topic with R179s. I know that 3058-3064 finished up, as well as the other production car set (can't remember which), but are any other cars being scheduled to deliver besides the two @Fan Railer listed?
  10. R179 Discussion Thread

    Things can change, yes, but for the 1,000,000th time, we heard about the R46/R32 swap a year back. However, I do agree we should just move on and let this R32 nonsense die out. I don't want this thread to be locked. What's next, the R32 Fleet Swap Thread?! And I also understand opinions, but all that is immaterial when I explained the reasoning behind my "parody" above.
  11. R179 Discussion Thread

    Oh and also, I wrote that "parody" NOT because @Jemorie, @R32 3838, and Bill disagreed. I wrote it because ya'll wouldn't trust @Dj Hammers despite his credibility. Just as how the villagers didn't trust the shepherd.
  12. R179 Discussion Thread

    When I mean by foamer, it means people just keep arguing about R32's endlessly EVEN after credible sources came in and provided us with info. And yes this "parody" was stupid, I CALLED IT STUPID for a reason. But all I gotta say is why even bother anymore? If no one can make a point, if we keep discussing, we just get divided after all of this. Even after I say, let's just stop and move on, it's still debated over R32's for NO reason.
  13. R179 Discussion Thread

    I understand...these foamers just take this R32 assignments to another level, when it's just a train. Be grateful you even get to ride the R32's ANYWHERE, as they'll be retired after the shutdown. I'm gonna stay out of this "R32 and thingy" until all of us can calm down. For how long will you be gone? We'll miss you. Well ppl blamed @LGA Link N train for causing the whole mess of the "parody, memes, and other crap" because he bumped it. Ppl just need to stop this garbage over R32s.
  14. SUBWAY - Random Thoughts Topic

    Is there any chance of extra R160s operating on the AND during the women's march this week? They did it last year.
  15. (M) to 179 St

    I can tell this was taken midday because there's an R46 layup on the express tracks... Was this today? If so, what caused this?


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