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  1. Does Meadowlands have trips on the 156/R? 20803 was doing the 156R yesterday and I was wondering whether the bus was briefly loaned/transferred to Fairview, or if Meadowlands has 156/R trips that I'm just not aware of. Sorry if it's a bit of a stupid question, I'm not that familiar with njt depot-route assignments.
  2. you can (or maybe it's *could* now) find printed copies at newark penn alongside the njt ones
  3. I might have misspoke in that quote. It's out in Secaucus getting some sort of work done, but I'm not entirely sure if that counts as an MTA acceptance facility.
  4. Were those cruisers to help with express service or c40lf?
  5. Looks like NJ Transit is going to retire at least 19 Neoplans beginning on May 1 https://www.govdeals.com/index.cfm?fa=Main.Item&itemid=171&acctid=6644
  6. I’ve been editing the roster such that every bus that is no longer rostered is noted as such.
  7. Q32 to 48th and Queens There’s always the TTMG page with the sign codes on it. It’s out of date but there’s plenty of old short turn codes on there
  8. 20802 was tracking out in st. Cloud, MN yesterday
  9. What’s especially concerning here tho is that there appear to be paper signs on there for the n22 and n24.... hope it’s never come to that ...
  10. Not necessarily, the only reason someone would ride the full n20X would be to go to Flushing. The 22 and 24 only go to jamaica, so if you want an accurate comparison, add in the walking transfer + ride time of the q44+ (or q17 if you prefer) up to flushing...
  11. It’s a shame that all of these cancelled orders would have been *far* more interested to ride, see, and fan than the orders that took their place. that’s just me though...
  12. Idk, one time I was hanging around Getty Square and all the off peak trips were using artics but as soon as the evening rush happened, all those artics disappeared and the 5 was seemingly 100% 40 footers... I'd argue the 7 is pretty consistently artics but I'm not local to Westchester so I can't say that with any certainty..
  13. Does the mta not run artics at night anymore? I’ve been tracking a bunch of routes for the hell of it and I couldn’t help but notice how every artic route i tracked was 100% 40 footers, even the sbs routes
  14. Feeder to the subway and serves numerous busy commerical districts and residential areas. It's not exactly random or irrelevant As for pictures, I've fanned the route numerous times over the past three years and I know I'm not the only one.

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