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  1. Soo 5602 to quill as expected... But 6132 and 6146 are also delivered to Quill...... Not enough SBS LFSA for the M14 SBS or something?
  2. Ah that's a shame.. oh well I was hoping for one last D60 photo but guess that ain't happening
  3. The bus gods got 4947, 5054, 5067 from flatbush. 4948 is now the city's oldest bus Interesting.... is it parked outside allowing for photos or is it off limits inside the depot?
  4. Hopefully fairview... all those 154/156/158/159/variants routes in the rush should be running 100% articulated... I get throwing a NABI or MCI on the line in the off hours since my experience has been relatively modest ridership (even on the 156 and 159...) but peak hours and even saturdays i've rode/noticed articulateds with a fully seated load and then some, and having MCI/NABIs covering some of those runs really isn't helping... perhaps the 154 could do without additional artics, idk. I never rode that route yet but I imagine in the southern portion it gets busy? Whatever garage the 70 and 126 run out of probably could stand to get a few more of those option order artics
  5. 5093 scrapped from ulmer so far today. I'll be watching flatbush to see if they zucc anything (with all those NGs they got from KB, it's looking like something's gonna go soon. I imagine the oldest bus, #4947 will be among them, but we'll see)
  6. 7818 is still around except it kinda stopped running a little over two weeks ago. Probably deemed surplus after west farms recieved all those LFSA from Quill and Flatbush 7816's on swing duty at southern and tremont right now i think
  7. I have no idea what's up with 7802-7850 (IIRC it's assumed 7594-7614 are due for Quill, Who knows where 7690 is going..). I would say ENY knows best but in light of recent events..
  8. Yeah it's looking overwhelmingly likely that UP will be last. They've got 15 left so if ENY keeps this up, looks like next friday will be the last day (unless ENY speeds up or UP wants to create a shortage)
  9. Jeez guess i posted too soon... 4992 4994 5005 5081 5119 removed from ulmer in addition since i last checked
  10. 8545 QV-KB, 8544 and 8572 to KB, I forget if 8544 has already been reported.. 8542, 39 ,34 to QV 4333 to fb
  11. well that was quick.. 2848 is back at Baisley Park from Spring Creek

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