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  1. Yeah. Similar to the XD40 order with the SBS 7600s coming first, and then jamaica taking in the 7400s and 7500s. FWIW 6234 is putting around Queens too, but I suppose that doesn’t really count since that’s part of the MTAB batch
  2. Two things: 1. The m96 is shockingly fast off peak! Both sides of the park too... Never rode a crosstown bus (well, there’s this absolutely nutty M23+ driver that can do 7 ave to lexington in 4 minutes somehow but we won’t talk about him lmao). The only thing this route needs is all door payment frankly. 2. 3970 talks (not sure what it says, I’m listening to music) even though it’s rear screen is off. And though the front screen is on, it isn’t displaying any route info, rather it’s displaying some animated screensaver or something (ad????) for clever devices
  3. That bus has been scrapped, it isn’t even in the system anymore..
  4. The B7 has only three buses right now... Is that normal?? For a route that long with only three buses... That must lead to awful service levels.
  5. Yeah I just double checked to make sure right now. For whatever reason Quill has gotten a few higher numbered XD60s. 6183 as mentioned by aemoreira81 and 6184 too. — FWIW this is what’s currently at Quill: 6127, 6132, 6135, 6140, 6144, 6146, 6148-6153, 6155-6156, 6158-6160, 6183-6185
  6. They’re probably just running the remaining units with minimal maintenance till they have a major breakdown. Not much point in fixing little things in a bus retiring in a few days/a week anyway. — anyway 6390 is also out right now on the M4 if anyone’s interested
  7. Perhaps its the clientele? I always thought their routes generally served the less rough parts of SI but I’ve never explored Charleston territory so what do I know. sounds a lot like west farms though lmao
  8. Well, yes and no with a "but". I'm still seeing it registered at QV but it is for sure doing a regular M100 run so either it's a loaner or it just hasn't been transferred yet. -- It looks like even though it's registered to QV, it went directly from the vendor to KB, completely bypassing QV so it could very well become a KB bus.

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