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  1. Has the MTA ever tried buses with more doors?

    Well they did demo a citaro for a while but that ofcourse fell through.. The fact that no buses sold in the USA have those extra doors is means probably they aren't on the market for european style buses with more doors.
  2. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Codebreak. It's currently doing the x28.
  3. Which subway car do you prefer?

    For purely aesthetic reasons: For B Div: R11 For A Div: Any class from R26-R36WF, considering how similar they all are to each other... R38, R15, the BRT/IRT Gates, and R40 slants also get an honorable mention in my book.
  4. MTA Bus Operations: Fleet & Depots

    Yeah they haven't.
  5. MTA Bus Operations: Repainted/Wrapped Buses

    Did they fix that ding on the front or is that too much to ask of the MTA lol
  6. LIB Roll Sign on Ebay

    I'd guess RVC considering areas you listed aren't very far from RVC. Also the fact that quite a few readings on that signs are from the south shore make me think RVC. But then again it could always be some north/south route sent out of Mitchell...
  7. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Chances are it'll go out in the afternoon rush. Yesterday it took a bit of down time for a driver change in the midday so maybe that's what's going on now. That said, I don't know for sure...
  8. MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    It was at WF, but it's no longer there. I just double checked the 1/8/2018 edition and copy-pasted, it only lists these units: 5564, 5567, 5573, 5583, 5586, 5600, 5604, 5614, 5617, 5626, 5647, 5664, 5670, 5676-5677, 5682-5683, 5690-5691, 5693, 5696, 5707, 5712, 5722, 5726, 5736, 5738-5739 I did a command-find search for 5769 on the page also, but 5769 wasn't found anywhere on the page.
  9. MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    5769 scrapped per TTMG
  10. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    Are these loans temporary one-day affairs or more long term? Or is it unknown how long they'll last?
  11. MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    It was stated further down in that comment thread that it was 9215's tracker when the bus was first retired. 9215's still at LGA
  12. I can understand having some prospective B71 serving Carroll Gardens and Red Hook but I'd imagine it'd be hard to sell that bus idea to Cobble Hill, since any Cobble Hill residents would have to take a circuituous tour of Red Hook and Carroll Gardens just to get to Manhattan via the Battery Tunnel. Just from an average joe's perspective seeing a map showing the bus bypassing the tunnel, then doing a wide loop to get back up to the tunnel screams inefficiency. I can imagine passengers writing off the route already as too long, even if the schedule claims it is faster than the train... And sending it north from Red Hook through Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, and ultimately into Downtown Brooklyn and up the Manhattan Bridge would just throw it into Canal street which is a mess in and of itself... Maybe have a B71A and B71B, with somewhat lukewarm frequencies. Maybe 15-20 minute headways per branch for a combined total of 7.5-10 minutes? I don't know the extent of the demand though.
  13. BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Quite a few arctics are out and about today. Is there any reason why they're using quite a few more arctics more than usual today? A lot of routes are either mixing them (M101) but some are almost completely arctic (Bx1). A few are 100% 40 footers though (B44 SBS).
  14. MTA Bus Operations: Scrapped Equipment List

    So the transit museum is basically done with its bus fleet? Not even a chance that 5249 will be added in a few years time? Or is it too far off to guess/be able to tell.
  15. New Suffolk Transit Roster

    Is Orion V 9923 retired? I heard some talk about it still being active, but it logically makes sense that it's retired considering that SCT has focused on retiring Gilligs and high mileage VII NGs... Is there any proof, like an auction link, that shows the bus being scrapped?


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