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  1. Idk, one time I was hanging around Getty Square and all the off peak trips were using artics but as soon as the evening rush happened, all those artics disappeared and the 5 was seemingly 100% 40 footers... I'd argue the 7 is pretty consistently artics but I'm not local to Westchester so I can't say that with any certainty..
  2. Does the mta not run artics at night anymore? I’ve been tracking a bunch of routes for the hell of it and I couldn’t help but notice how every artic route i tracked was 100% 40 footers, even the sbs routes
  3. Feeder to the subway and serves numerous busy commerical districts and residential areas. It's not exactly random or irrelevant As for pictures, I've fanned the route numerous times over the past three years and I know I'm not the only one.
  4. Nah............ The M79 definitely needs artics. The route runs quite frequently and still artics fill up, especially in rush hours. Not to insane Bx12 levels, but it still fills up. Replace those artics with 40 footers and you'd either need boost service a ton or turn the M79 into one gigantic SRO clusterf**k in the rush hours. The M96 isn't exactly perfect as is lmao. I don't ride it nearly as much as the M79+ so I can't really say much, but even off peak I've had buses where all it would take is one more busy stop and the bus would be packed like a sardine can//
  5. They would probably redo the runs so that the q12 is no longer interlined? Or the driver can just drive back to CS from flushing and swap out the tic for a rigid. It’s not that long of a deadhead
  6. My guess would be as the delivery of LFS allows. Then September 2nd will be the big day once the XD60s displace a bunch of Grand's 40 footers bc of B38 articulation. I'm still clueless as to what the deal is with Q12 articulation but that should free up some more 40 footers. THen whenever 7850-7905 roll in... -- Update: Speaking of the devil, 6562-6563 removed from service (FP)
  7. I haven't been able to find any others unfortunately
  8. I noticed today, those 2/3 shuttles in harlem are trackable in bustime. S96B1, S96b2, s96b3 are what you gotta type in
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