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  1. What would you say are the best bets for New Jersey service? I think to Fort Lee and to Newark are decent starters.
  2. DjLilFace222 meant to state the core purpose first and other effects next, I’m assuming
  3. I’ll have one: (X) Via Triboro Local (X) Via North Shore Local (X) Yankee Stadium-161st Street Oops, almost forgot- large
  4. Latter 100%. Maximum deinterlining while maintaining connections is the key.
  5. I’d rather have SAS to South Brooklyn and to Willamsburg
  6. I think the via QBL/8th Local is the best bet for RBB because you can run trains to Lower Manhattan and also not need to use the bypass.
  7. How about on QBL, to Astoria, and to 96th and South Brooklyn? can run as in your plan.
  8. This works, but what would you do about the merge to QBL?
  9. This works perfectly, I will say that the 36 tph on the local only works if the is taken off Willamsburg. I will discuss this in the Proposals thread.
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