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  1. I had an idea to run trains with 4 tracks, 2 to Fulton and one to Utica via Bushwick Ave. In the Bronx/Queens the Utica train and a Fulton train would run to Bway 125 Street via the express ( take local) while another Fulton train would run to the Bypass and Laurelton. North Queens would be served by an extension of the Astoria Line.
  2. If we’re going to be cost effective with the SAS then we should construct it with two tracks with provisions for two more express tracks, this is how they built the 6th Ave line and maybe other lines in other cities.
  3. I would extend the LGA trains to Flushing in this proposal.
  4. Here’s how I would run service: from Queens on a connection to QBL local after Forest Hills. would run to Culver Express and Coney Island with terminating at 18th and at Church. would run on the Jamaica Line to a Jamaica Express, ending at Jamaica Center. Yes I am aware the would have very close terminals, so I think the at north end could run on a Northern Blvd subway.
  5. I recommend using the instead. Better track pairing and SAS in Brooklyn should mainly focus on connections.
  6. I see your point but I was not saying it is a problem just making note of that.
  7. Following up to this, if trains run local and express you get a lot of interlining but the still gets to be a separate service.
  8. If we de-interlined CPW, 8th, and Fulton then the just becomes a truncated line.
  9. Would SAS Queens traffic best be used on Northern Blvd?
  10. LRT as a relief for the is probably a good idea. We could build a Flushing terminal for the network and I think that would be pretty successful in Northern Queens. It would be able to take some ridership off the and this allows it to be extended, which is huge for all of the city.
  11. Hmm that might work and I like the idea. Could be used as Willamsburg relief instead of building a massive trunk line.
  12. Harlem Crosstown


    Hi, I am mainly here to share proposals and I think this is the perfect place to do it.

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