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  1. But it doesn't ring anymore lol I hope it still rides good at least
  2. That is the most practical and efficient system considering the amount of buses that stop there and the space limitations of the area
  3. i like that Q35 shot, i have to head out there again.. very nice!!
  4. Guilty as charged.. I'm a foamer. lmao I have had my share of not-so-flattering train and bus moments. I'm surprised nobody put this one up yet.. If your fb profile photo is of a train or a bus, you know pretty damn well you are a foamer
  5. Perhaps because the coach buses are more insulated than the regular buses and the windows don't open on them.. if you had the heat on blast it would get too hot.. When I was travelling by bus coming home from Toronto, the first bus we got had weak a/c (before it completely broke down).. people were complaining non stop and that bus didn't smell too good either.. good thing I was sitting right next to the a/c vent Honestly I'd rather ride in a cold bus and keep my coat on than in a hot smelly bus..
  6. There is usually someone there to help clear the area and assist the drivers while they are backing up the buses
  7. Thanks guys As for the NG's well after all they are low floors.. that's what happens
  8. ^^ that pretty much sums up all that is needed to be said.. no further discussion on the topic is necessary.
  9. Some quality photos from Jamaica! Enjoy!!
  10. Nemo means "No Man" in Latin
  11. at 4:40 you are low on brake pressure.. you are not supposed to be driving with low pressure lol anyway here's some more OMSI footage from me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fAPcqWVm-Uk
  12. Well sorry I didn't see them then.. Also, most of these rare buses I have been catching on the way to/from school and other places which is why they are all filmed with my ipod; the one day that I went out to the Rockaways to specifically look for buses I didn't find any on the 35 however I did find them on the 22 and rode 746 on the 52 so there you go. Anyway I rode 576 on the Q60 going home earlier this afternoon.
  13. Those C40's are from Spring Creek Depot. I've actually went and checked the Q35 and I myself saw nothing but Hybrids.. I haven't seen anyone put up photos of Spring Creek buses on the Q35 so I don't know what point you are trying to make.. If anything I'd love to see the CNG's on the Q35, and if they were on the Q35 i'm sure someone would have seen them by now. Here is 493 on the Q60, spotted earlier this afternoon.
  14. Bus #511... Let the foam begin. And as an added bonus here is 923 on the B67 from Saturday. Hope you enjoyed!!
  15. lol i'll get pics of the next time for you.. gona hit up Eastchester-Dyre; the is also on my list too for next time
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