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  1. Felt like shooting videos lol And a photo since a video of a parked bus wouldn't be that interesting That's all... Enjoy!!!
  2. At least Service will be more reliable in Queens now since they are short-turning at Whitehall. I've always said they should short turn every other R train coming from Queens.
  3. Nice job.. Did you watch The Breakfast Club?
  4. I love buses too!! Do you like ZF Transmissions? If so, feast your ears on this... That is all for now.. Thank You & Enjoy!!!
  5. The with its ridiculous headways and shitty service actually does not save that much more time than looping through Manhattan... you only save time if's already there waiting for you
  6. Thanks for the love everyone!!!!! These photos were taken on May 29th, the last day of the Rockaway Shuttle. A trains empied out at JFK and ran light to Mott Ave to test out the test on the Flats. That blue S was just a random occurrence.. for some reason that particular train had the blue S. All others had the regular dark gray S. As for my interest of urban trains, I started out fanning the subways, and honestly I will always be a subway fan at heart no matter what.
  7. I love trains!! That's all for now.. Thanks for looking & Enjoy!!
  8. Nice job.. I see you got all the full circles on the R160s lol
  9. Very good.. I like the D Train arcing shot!
  10. Orion 5 CNG. The best bus ever made.
  11. Thanks everyone and yes the R143 was an A lol
  12. Some photos from Saturday... That's all for now... Thanks for looking!!
  13. Thanks... And damn right that 8756 is a good bus lolol
  14. Thanks, LGA JA and QV have been swapping around a lot of RTS lately so who knows lol
  15. Thanks all This was part of the Train of Many Colors.. the rest of them are still being worked on The special Shuttle was a train that ran between Howard Beach-JFK and Rockaway Blvd single-tracking on the northbound track. All A trains terminated at Lefferts Blvd for the day.
  16. May 11, 2013. The R62A's got a break yesterday And now for some non-Shuttle photos: That's all for now.. Thanks for looking!! Videos will be up tomorrow.
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