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  1. In Boston, MBTA inspectors (a mix of a M/I and a station supervisor) HAD police powers including arrest into the 90’s. Without a gun or a billy club at the least, I’d pass on the job.
  2. But only a single dollar? Blood money for the forfeiture of the safety and warmth (or cool in the summer) of a booth.
  3. Could be worse, they could use my suggestions. “Hey a**holes...” ”Attention jerk**fs” ”Hey yous guys...”
  4. No plans to extend it, trains will be longer though.
  5. The bigges issue I run into when I ask for police assistance with a homeless condition is that unless they are violating the rules, not much can be done. They can’t be ejected because they are condisdered to have paid the fare. Even if the do violate the rules of the system, there is no point for the cop to issue a summons since it is very unlikely that a homeless person will ever pay it. What I would love to see with the new contactless payment system that the TA is looking into, is a way for police or stations personnel to be able to read an individuals fare card to see if they paid. No card or proof of payment, ejection from the system and maybe a summons too.
  6. Walls in stations are NOT cleaned by Track Dept. They are cleaned by special Station Dept. cleaners who wash them under the protection of full track flagging. The south bound local track entering Nevins was recently rebuilt and will be cleaned when the station is schedualed to be cleaned. Track Dept. is only responsible for.... TRACKS and even some track components belong to Signal Dept.
  7. Except that the NOE for T/O stated that a valid license in required. I'd hate to miss out on a good job because of something like that.
  8. Switch costs too much to maintain so it becomes prone to failure.Switch is prone to failure so it's not used as much as possible. Switch goes unused so it gets removed. It's a vicious cycle.
  9. Conductors are not doctors, so the condition of the aided is generally unknown to them. Someone requests EMS, train stops until help arrives or aided can be removed from the train and left in the care of a qualified person (TA employee, fire fighter, patrolman, etc.)
  10. They operators an the CTA didn't even get a raise when they went OPTO.
  11. She along with any other passenger who was injured should be suing the TA at the very least to cover any medical expenses and lost wages. If the true cause of the derailment was the unsecured rail stored on the roadbed, it is a result of a failure of TA supervision and management. And of course she won't get anywhere close to $5 million.
  12. I can't deny that conditions on that stalled train were bad, I'm sure they were from the videos I have seen. I just like to disagree with you. Also, why not actually try and do something about thing that you see as a problem instead of belly aching about online. OPTO is an absolute disgrace and should never have been agreed to by the unions or by city or state government. From a safety standpoint, there is also a lot you don't see along OPTO lines to attempt to increase safety. Still, it's all about money or an attempt to save it.
  13. I think in terms of risk, it comes down to what is more likely to happen during the average day. Will there be a large gap and a misalignment of the end doors every time the cars go around a curve of transverse a switch or will there be a person with a knife, a fire, or some other unusual occorance on a train with locked end doors? I think having the end doors locked because of a known dangerous condition is what the lawyers will go with. Also, people have fallen between cars on New Tech trains, but it is less of an occurrence. Did t see it when I first read through it. Either way, vandals will steal the keys and something like a fire alarm does nothing especially if the crew is unable to respond or key open the end doors. At one time, the R44/46 cars did have a switch inside every car to allow the end doors to be opened. They were removed due to vandalism.
  14. I know how they got out, the windows of the end doors can be easily removed. Now let's say you get your way and they do leave the end doors unlocked on all 75' foot cars, what will you say when people start getting injured or killed when crossing between cars? Getting rid of all 75' cars isn't an option at this time as there are not enough cars to meet demands presently. Maybe better signage is needed so more people know that the end doors and be opened in the event of an emergency, but they are not the death traps you claim them to be.
  15. How are R46/68 cars "death traps" if people where able to self evacuate during this incident?
  16. Many of these passage ways cant be reopened as they have been turned into office/crew room/store room space. The 6th Ave passage has been re-purposed for signal/relay room space with the upcoming implementation of CBTC on the 6th Ave corridor.
  17. The main problem is that to do a proper paint job on structural steel, you need to take it down to the bare metal and remove any rust. 9 times out of 10, that just won't happen in the subway. Plus, contracts go to the lowest bidder who will use the cheapest paint to maximize the profit on that particular job.
  18. Both? That's a huge pain in the ass. Plus and alerter only goes off when there is no movement of the MC for more than 30 seconds. Depending on the operator, it may never even go off. I know when I was still on the road, I never let the alerter go off because I knew when it would and would either hit it before it timed down or I'd move the MC. The only time you need to have an alerter would be when the train is in ATO/MATC mode. Also, people who have never operated trains before, you're opinion is irrelevant as you don't have any experience.
  19. Correct, the R62s that were in the use that switch for the local/ express signs.
  20. Alerters are not effective by any means. After operating with one for a regular amount of time, an operator can respond to it without having to think about it. i operated equipment that had alerters and a deadman controller for about 3 years and hitting the alerter quickly becomes second nature.
  21. Jo-Paul at 10502 Jamacia Ave. You will have to order what you want as it would be a custom design since it's not an authorized uniform accessory.
  22. Why spend the money and time to take out a switch? The R68/As kept their master controllers and brake stands long after they were linked into 4 car sets. Plus there are only so many train line electrical connections, that maybe repurposed such as was done with the line R62s.
  23. I heard rumors of the old handles being taken from T/Os, but there is no rule saying they can't be used.
  24. All those handles and reverser keys work on all SMEE equipment and older cars like Lo-Vs and R1/9s.
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