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  1. MARTA getting the only C30LFR's in existence... TAKE THAT NEW YORK

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    2. Orion VII 4 Life

      Orion VII 4 Life

      I think having 30-35 footers would allow for more service in lower-ridership areas, just my 2 cents.

    3. BM5 via Woodhaven

      BM5 via Woodhaven

      30 footers would work on the Q42.

    4. Grand Concourse

      Grand Concourse

      They'd have to be a specialized fleet. I just dunno if it can work if the depot gets really busy and needs whatever is ready meaning a 30' runs on a busy line. Not worth it.

  2. Orion you may make some bad buses but I do have to appreciate taht detroit diesel engine!!!

    1. Orion VII 4 Life

      Orion VII 4 Life

      What you callin bad buses lol

    2. ttcsubwayfan


      Those would be Orion IIIs, VIs and to some extent the VIIs (this generally depends on when they were built.) I think the Is and Vs were the best by far.

    3. Rockaway Express

      Rockaway Express

      I agreee with just the VII's Made from 02-06 as being some bad buses

  3. Feliz Día de la Madre!!! To all the Mothers! !

  4. Train 401 to Airport Station via Lindbergh Is Asking could I join your Transit geek Squad.

  5. Ill Give You Credit. Ok. Sorry I should have ask. Can you please make me a M107 Sign Please.M107/M107 Limited(Broadway/Rector Park via Central Park)

    Northbound to Inwood-207 St Station Via Midtown


    Turn Right On To South End Av.

    Turn Left On West Thames Av.

    Turn Right On West Street

    Turn Left On To Battery Pl

    Turn Left On Greenwich Street

    Keep Straight Onto Trinity Pl

    Keep Straight Onto Church St

    Turn Right On Canal St

    Turn Left On Greene St

    Turn Right On W. Houston St

    Turn Left On To Lafayette St

    Keep Straight On to 4th Avenue

    Turn Left On 23rd Street

    Turn Right on 6 Av

    Turn Left On 59th Street

    Around Columbus Circle to Broadway

    Turn Right to Broadway via Central Park

    Including G.W. Bus Terminal

    Straight To Inwood-207th Street Station

  6. 2011 New Flyer Xcelsior XDE40LF

  7. wassup. the M52 goes from PA Bus Terminal to South Ferry via the West Side Highway and stops at major piers. I saw the bus stop on the website andd notice it was my route. Holla at me. I havent talk to u in a long time

  8. Would a NYCT R160 Actually Say "Next Train Please"


  9. What is up old friend?

  10. Long Time No Hear. How R u?

  11. I would like to join the Transit Jeopardy Games

  12. Is there a way that I can make My Own Bus Route Map from the MTA manhattan Map

  13. how is it going my good friend

  14. Can I Try A Custom One? If I cant I would like either the M42 or the M100 or the Bx12(not sbs) <6>

  15. Can You make a MTA map for my route the M107. The Route Description is in the Thread Create your own bus route.

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