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  1. Hey, young you have a min ? I wanted to ask you some question on the NYC open data page.

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    2. Pumacell


      No problem, I hope your feeling better. Im already on top of it. I called Ms. Rivera this morning. She specifically told me to go to DCAS tomorrow morning and have them put my name back on the list and to get a receipt. She also made it clear to do it before the week is over. I didn't question her as to why cause I think she was busy. I called DCAS myself this morning and the gentleman on the phone said I can com in anywhere between 9am-5pm. My list number is 2320-2340

    3. +Young+


      Got it. As long as you stay in contact with Ms. Rivera, and you follow her instructions, you should be fine.

      Stay safe!!

    4. Pumacell


      Same to you bro. See you in the next class

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