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(X) Semi-Drakestown shuttle train


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My own Pretend route. The (X) train is a fictonal NYC subway route that opertates along the IND Town Shuttle line. It runs between Billy Mays Sq in Mama luigi hills , and Fabulous Emma Roberts beach , Shore line in Drakestown beach bay. It's colored black on maps and logos , ect...



The X train fleet consist enrtirely of R46s , execpt during the summer when two sets of R42s are used in rare occurances From June 26-Sept 21.


The X train is based out of the Squarepants subway yard in Drakestown.

The Majorty of the X line is elevated execpt for 114 street-moblie park , 121 street and Billy Mays Sq.


For easy Acssess to Billy Mays Sq. You can take the (F) or (R) along the IND Drakestrown line. As part of the (F)'s fictional extention to Billy Mays Sq. And the ®'s to Miranda Cosgrove ave during AM rush hours. Other times use (F). There is even a express (F) train that Goes from Lavado ave-city limits to Billy Mays Sq. For Quick service. It operates at all times.




That's all I got so far. Thanks(F).




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Can a Mod move this to the fantasy forum, please?



1. The fantasy forum doesn't exist anymore

2. I don't think he's being serious, since I'm pretty sure iCarly and Spongebob Squarepants aren't famous enough to have characters/actors have streets named after them...

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