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South Brooklyn Railway - West End connection


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Hi, These are nice pictures.


I saw nice shot long time ago of train comming to that curve from 9 Av station. The shot was taken somewhere form the place behind that gate / fence.


I am looking for that picture again, because I haven't made a copy of it to my colection that time I saw it 1st.


Can anyone help me finding it, please?

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If you look into this map:



You can find that there was a connection to 39th Str. Ferry station in the early history prior the Culver, Westend and See Beach lines ware electrified and opereted on street level by 5th Ave el trains.

These 3 lines ware originaly (when pulled by steam engines) connected to 38th Str. Yards that occupied 2 blocks between 2nd and 3rd Avenue and 37th and 39th Street (current shopping mall with parking lot). The 39th Str. Ferry station was right on the 39th Street east of 2nd Ave (aprox. current B35 and B70 bus loop).


More details can be found in the book "The tracks of New York - No. 2 - Brooklyn Elevated Railroads - 1910" on pages 13 - 15.

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