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Bus Fest and More


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Wonderful pics and vids!

Thanks Curtis!


Excellent pics and vids!

Thanks Kris!


Nice photos.. if the last pic is an Guess the location, I guess that pic was taken from the Bay Parkway (F) station?

Thanks! It wasn't really a guess the location but yea it was taken at Bay Parkway on the (F) while I was coming home. I took it as more of a ending the day pic.


Nice pics (D)! Last pic looks hot!

Thanks Mark!

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You're saying cool to bus pics? Did someone hack your account?


No...as I told you on Saturday, I was working there that day, so I was commenting on pictures of something that "I seen"


and besides that, don't you have pictures of XBOX controllers to take? B)

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It's a bus..same as the ones off in the marsh...


..that you were poking around in not so long ago if I remember correct...


PS its also (dare i say)...




CONNCO?!?! AHAHAHAHAH!!!! Burn it, burn it now!

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