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Roaming Around Queens Plaza + Bonus

Sea Beach

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Heres a few pics while railfanning with the crew from today.
















Bonus: (D) West End Shuttle Bus At New Utrecht Ave/62 St There was a fire one the West End Line this morning which caused no (D) service after 62nd St,so shuttle busses from Ulmer Park came to the rescue. I was only able to get one pic because when I went to get off at 18th Ave,(D) train service had resumed and shuttle busses stopped running.




Enjoy! :)


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Really nice photos Vinny... :drool::drool: I never tried any of the restaurants at LIC so apparently I am hungry for some of those LIC Pizza, :drool::drool:...


Thanks :)


mehhh,really nothing good over there.


Slammin pics! I think that "H" is caused by some glitch in the sign program when the sign displays "SHUTTLE BUS".


And when you go transfanning with Christina, bring duct tape to make a "foul line" (as in bowling) for her to stand behind.


Thanks :)






nice vinny . you caught 7254 knightriders bus last week and you caught 5111 thats my bus lol . thats mike on that bus .


Thanks :)


Ohh wow,too bad you guys actually werent on those busses!


And Mike im assuming was the B/O who drove my (D) Bus?


WTF That looks like a small body under the RTS entrance in the last pic and that Christina made a gruesome discovery.;)


LOL,I know but of course its not!



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Great Pics Vinny! It sucks that I did not make it down there in time to see buses rolling down New Utrecht Avenue but better luck next time for me!


Thanks! :)


Yea,if it happens again


Great Pics


Thanks! :)


lol yes mike drove your bus lol .


lol :D


Nice pics but something got in the way of that pic of 5111.


Thanks! :)


I wonder what that "something" is,lmao. :)

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