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Ok where I work it there's always express buses parked on 23 St between FDR Dr & Asser Levy Pl for the X63, 64 & 68. So while waking down the block, there's a X64 getting ready to leave. The driver puts it in D and hits the gas. It doesn't move. He tries it again and the same thing happens. So then he floors it and fails again but this time, smoke started comming out the rear axles. He shuts it off then back on and tries again but to no avail. The B/O that was parked behind him was saying that it wasn't the first time that same bus messed up. Then I left. It like the bus was stuck in something cuz it moved maybe an inch. Here are some shots of said bus...






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good shots fpd . something must of been stuck in the accelerator . me and you need to take over upk again . try and come over this week.


Thanks. Its gonna have to wait until I come back on the 19th.


Wow, looks like express buses aren't THAT reliable as some may believe...lol B)


Did the driver ever get his bus moving?


And they want $5.50 for that :P

As for the bus, I'm not sure cuz I had to go to work


I think Jay walder was stuck in the axles trying to save money on fuel by moving the bus himself:p









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Damn, that MCI was low to the ground!!


yup very familiar with qv 2130it is the yard waiting to be fixed might have to be towed ther is something worng with the axel and the swiches so it was towd to qv yard with tow truck 005and might have to be towed again soon so might be gon for long time

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