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4/10/10 Rare Shuttle Bus G.O.

NX Express

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A rare shuttle bus G.O. (AFAIK)

(E) Free shuttle buses replace trains between Jamaica Center and Union Tpke


Weekend, 11:30 PM Fri to 5 AM Mon, Apr 9 - 12


• Shuttle buses make stops at Jamaica Center, Sutphin Blvd-Archer Av,


Jamaica-Van Wyck, Van Wyck Blvd, and Union Tpke.


• Transfer between the shuttle bus and the (E) at Union Tpke.


(E) trains are rerouted to the (F) between 71 Av and 179 St.



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This has happened before. I can't imagine the chaos this would cause, though. (I was on a Jamaica-bound (E) on a Saturday, and 80% of the people were bound for Sutphin or Jamaica Center.)


The weekend before and after:


(J) No trains between Crescent St and Jamaica Center

(E) trains and free shuttle buses provide alternate service

Weekends, 3:30 AM Sat to 10 PM Sun, Apr 3 - 4 | Apr 17 - 18 | Apr 24 - 25


EDIT: Posts crossed.

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Its not that rare they will send the (E) to 179 Street Jamaica during the GO. The Shuttle stops will be Union Turnpike, Van Wyck Briarwood, Van Wyck Jamaica, Sutphin Archer and Parsons Archer.

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