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Woman charged for fighting bus driver.

St Louis Car 09

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lot of stories regarding bus drivers lately


anyway, good for these savages...


and I don't care if this isn't politically correct.... I'm goin to put a different spin on this...


you know there's a problem in the black community when you have women that are willingly ready to engage in a fight with a man.... this role reversal that's slowly happening in this new century (men becoming more submissive & women becoming more aggressive) has gotten way out of hand....


now if the bus driver would've done some serious damage to those women, his morals would've been in question, while havin been called every name in book in the process....


on the other side of the coin, if the women were successful in their attempts in pulling the driver off the bus and inflicting bodily harm to him, I could hear the praises those women would be getting amongst AAW's.. and the media would've still found a way to spin it to make it appear as if the b/o was 100% in the wrong....

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That wasn't a real woman if you know what I mean,lol. The things that Bus Operators have to go through.:eek:


Dearborn, Michigan which has the nations largest arab-american community should be the first to get wiped out followed then by the motor city.


Kinda racist don't you think?

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Someone needs to drop a bomb on Detroit already and wipe it off the map. A bunch of savages in that city. This is the same city that people go around burning down buildings for fun the night before Halloween called devils night out.
What kills me is the good areas are in a terrorist attack threat, and places I can't stand, terrorist don't ever care about! LMAO!


B35 via Church: I agree with you fully, I hate domestic violence, but many women are just becoming total b-----s. Then they're the first one to call the cops when someone gives them a taste of their own medicine, of course the women doesn't end up in jail even if she pulled out a knife because they abuse the privilege of self defense. One time this dude who lived hundreds of miles away was locked up for 4 years because a girl said he raped her, and the guy never even met the chick, nor was evidence found, they only made one phone call between each other, the guy was black, girl wasn't. You know how annoying it is that the good people get treated like crap, then they turn into bad people eventually? This world is sickening. Girls (not all but quite a few) love to start problems but they can't receive any without calling the cops/their boyfriends. I never hit a girl and never would, but they get on my last nerve pulling that crap on people. Ghetto chicks almost made me a none-sexual!


Sorry I needed to vent, I hate living in the projects lol.

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