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George Washington owes $300K for overdue libary books

Kingsbridge Bus

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Who knew George Washington was as bad as the rest of us at returning books? Seems President Numero Uno has racked up quite a debt -- to the tune of an inflation-adjusted $300,000 -- owing the New York Society Library for not returning two books back in 1789. Shame on you, G Dubs!


On Oct. 5, Washington took out "Law of Nations" and Vol. 12 of the "Commons Debates," reports the New York Daily News. The loan was carefully noted on a ledger, but the return was never marked. Both tomes were due to be returned by Nov. 2, 1789.


After the library, now located on E. 79th street in Manhattan but at the time on Broad and Wall Streets, noted that they had all but Vol. 12 of the “Common Debates,” librarians surmised that Washington had absconded with the literature.


"We're not actively pursuing the overdue fines," head librarian Mark Bartlett joked to the NYDN. "But we would be very happy if we were able to get the books back."


"It's hard to know what could have happened," Bartlett added. "There are as many questions for us as there are answers."


Hey, at least they're not putting out an arrest warrant... this time, at least. Pays to be the president, eh?


President George Washington racks up $300,000 late fee for two Manhattan library books


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I guess there was something GW didn't tell us....


he...he lied to me!:cry:


Nah. He just pulled a politician on us. Pay up George (Whore-hay). Libraries need those fees, and they can use that $300,000 you owe them, you crook...........


Pulling a politician, should be put in categories like a Dirty Sanchez, a wet willy, and a purple nurple. I'm going to give them a politician - meaning: to give or tell one a hypocritical statement; to blatantly and knowing lie to someone to get elected, get wealth, or power over people, knowing you will never carry out your promise............

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