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I Finally Found It

Fresh Pond

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Ok since it was my day off, I decided to look for the Nova Bus (again). After like 15 mins, 1205 finally showed up but heading to Bay Plaza. Didn't bother chasing it so I waited until it came back to Pelham Bay. It did, along with 1200, 1212, and 1218. It seems nice overall. Here's the shots I got plus a bonus, enjoy...










and the bonus...




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Thanks...as for the bus, now that I seen it and been on it, I don't care about it no more lol


@FG: this whole day was lucky for me

@mark: I was already in the area

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@NX express: it feels kinda weird at first. Instead of having 10 wheels like on the NF artics (4 in the back, 4 in the center, 2 in the front), it has 8 wheels (4 in the back, 2 double-wide wheels in the center, 2 in the front). And when it turns, the front and artic part turn as 1 single part followed by yhe rear, but on the NFs, all 3 parts turn differently. Also, what I still can't get over is the engine/transmission combo on 1200. I'm a new fan of the ZF Ecolife transmission :cool:


Also something that I wanna point out (may be sick and/or funny but its the truth)...when I first saw it, I also saw Amelia (RokuSix) in the area and she said it looks like a d**k. Look at the bus from the side and tell me it doesn't look like one lmao

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