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well it looks like it worked!


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Well... It looks like you guys owe me an apology. I talked to her this morning before class and here's how it went down...



I sucked all my tension up and just forced myself over to Kalila to say hi.


Then she responded "Eww.. Get way(Sarcasim)"


and this is what I said...


"I like you too".


Then we both had a hug lol about it for a few seconds. Then I asked "How's it going" She said "Good". Then She asked if I still like vampire fiction. I said yeah. Then She gave me a Twilight book. It was awesome. But a minute later , she had to go to class , so we said bye , hugged and the rest is awesomness! And she did not even bring up what I did last year. So we became cool again , and I got a free twilight book to go with my collection , how cool is that? I'll start taking your sorries now...

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Did you really have to create a new thread about this? Boy, you're a lost cause.


How about you keep your personal business to yourself before you make yourself look like a fool sgain on the forums.

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