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Old Subway Commercial

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I remember these!!! Crazy that most of the trains and buses in the video have been retired.


Also, LOL @ LI Bus being in the commercial.


Kinda depressing, the 90s was happier times, I mean on a FAR bigger level than just transit.


I'm shocked they never showed the WTC or ESB observation decks in these commercials.


It would be awesome if they made a updated one just like this, but with all the new equipment that came after this was made, The Nova SBS Artics, the LFS, the Hybrids, the NG CNGs to rep LI Bus, the C40LF, NTT, M7/8, etc.

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Great find.. Even tho i would rename the title "Old Metrocard Commercials" as its in general.


The Metrocard Gold was introduced in 97, not the card itself. Blue Metrocard was introed in 1993 while tokens were still maintained.


I forgot, did the (MTA) replaced Blue Metros because of security and use of fraud in the cards?

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Excellent find; am I the only one who finds the background music pretty catchy?


Also I remember when the MTA would also play commercials during Christmastime. The 90s was a goood decade.


I remember those commercials they kept giving them till like 2002

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