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Will Katia Copy Irene?


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Recovery from Hurricane Irene is still in the early stages, but another potential problem storm is stirring in the tropics.


Katia, classified a tropical storm Tuesday morning, has been tracking north and west through the Atlantic. In the latest advisory, the National Weather Service predicts the storm will continue to strengthen, and could reach hurricane strength late Wednesday or early Thursday.


If the storm holds together, current projections place it near Puerto Rico overnight on Sunday.


It’s far too early to say whether it will continue to follow a similar path as Hurricane Irene, but while some computer models show it blowing off to sea, others have it coming very close to the region.


NHC forecasters said it's too early to tell where Katia's going.


"There's some chance that no one will be affected by it, it's too early to say," said National Hurricane Center forecaster Todd Kimberlain. "Since it is the peak of the hurricane season, everyone should be paying attention to it."


Note that Katrina (2005 Hurrican/TropStorm) is now known as Katia today as per NOAA & Wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tropical_Storm_Katia_%282011%29



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Forget Katia for at a few days. TS Lee has entered the US Gulf Of Mexico region and could pound the area including New Orleans with heavy rains.

Doubtful Lee probably hitting NO will get the 24/7 news coverage that Irene got last weekend.



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I would explain why I think it won't but I don't think you guys are interested in a lecture on chaos theory.


I hurled a brick at a butterfly and it hit the butterfly and it died when I was 11; that's why global warming happens, according to chaos theory.

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