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Numero UNO

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yo nice pcis. i love the (1) line




I love those rainy photos!


- Andy


Great pics! My favorites are the first one and the Broadway Bridge one.


Love them all


Really sweet shots, especially the foggy first one. It has an "artsy" quality to it! Mind if I use it for my PC "wallpaper"?


Nice!! I love that first shot!:cool:



Thanks Guys! & Stamford, Go for it!!!:)

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i love those R62A's. i remember when they were running over the (3) into brooklyn a couple of years ago, i used to hav a big thing with the Yard sticker. the R62A Red would be the one i used to wait for and then i use to complain if the R62A blue came instead. but i just love those R62A's. u wonder why my name is (R)(6)(2)(A)(1)(6)(5)(1). hopefully ill be able to get them saturday

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